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Oracle Customer Success—Elton Oil Company

Elton Oil Company

Elton Oil Gains Secure Backup and Recovery with Oracle IaaS


We used Oracle Storage Cloud Service to back up 17 years of business data in 20 minutes. We achieved operational excellence by offering 24/7 access to secure and non-corrupt databases, even in the case of natural disasters or force majeure.

— Abdoulaye Dieng, IT Manager, Elton Oil Company

Elton Oil Achieves Operational Excellence by Backing Up 100 GB of Petroleum Trading Data in 20 Minutes with Oracle

Elton Oil is a retailer of petroleum products and related services in Senegal, competing in the market for gasoline, lubricants, and oils with established multinationals such as Total, Shell, Oryx, and OiLibya. Elton Oil operates 20 filling stations and offers e-payment services in its Edens convenience stores, E-Service boutiques, and Oasis gas stations.

With recent new discoveries of crude oil and gas, Senegal’s petroleum industry is set to expand. As Elton Oil’s business grows, so does its database of products, clients, and suppliers generated by Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. In 2016 Elton Oil began looking for a backup and disaster recovery solution to substitute its local hard drive backup.

Business Challenge
  • Secure key petroleum distribution data in case of hardware failures by protecting a 100 GB Structured Query Language (SQL) database which underpins the company’s ERP system
  • Provide staff with access to business critical information at all times—even in the case of a natural disaster or force majeure—to ensure the operational success of Elton Oil filling stations
  • Establish remote backup and recovery for critical petroleum data in a secure off-site location to replace non-secure backup to local hard disk
  • Achieve successful data migration from local servers to cloud storage, and avoid data corruption or manipulation
  • Gained the ability to back up 100 GB of petroleum data—compressed to 7 GB in less than 20 minutes—using Oracle Storage Cloud Service with Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance as a cloud storage gateway
  • Optimized backup performance for 17 years of petroleum trading data from Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP, using only a 1 megabyte (MB) line to back up 100 GB of petroleum data
  • Increased operational excellence by providing staff with uninterrupted access to the company’s life blood—petroleum distribution data—while eliminating fear of loss through natural disaster or other calamity
  • Gained secure backup and recovery of critical petroleum distribution data—set to expand in Senegal’s growing industry—with zero hardware investment
  • Reduced backup costs through the elastic nature of Oracle Storage Cloud Service, allowing Elton Oil to buy only the needed storage capacity and scale anytime
  • Benefitted from the ability of Oracle Storage Cloud Service to replicate data across multiple storage nodes within the same data center, ensuring protection from hardware failures and data corruption


We operate on the simple principle that, having used Oracle since 2003, we are always open to what Oracle proposes in the knowledge that end-to-end integrity is guaranteed. It is a relationship based on trust.

— Abdoulaye Dieng, IT Manager, Elton Oil Company

About Elton Oil Company


Dakar, Senegal



Annual Revenue

US$97.8 million

Elton Oil Company, based in Dakar, is engaged in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products through service stations in Senegal. It has a subsidiary in Guinea-Bissau and also exports products to neighboring Mali. It was established in 2000 as the first petroleum company with 100% Senegalese capital.

Published:  Apr 25, 2017