Sonoco keeps rolling with Oracle

Implementing Oracle Transportation Management prior to the COVID-19 pandemic has helped Sonoco navigate rough roads.


Avant Oracle Transportation Management, chacun de nos envois devait être organisé manuellement par un planificateur. Depuis la mise en œuvre d'OTM, environ 80 % de ces commandes seront automatiquement soumises aux transporteurs sans aucune intervention humaine.

Blake FaucetteSupply Management and Logistics Process Improvement Manager, Sonoco

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Sonoco, a $5.4 billion maker of packaging for food, medicine, and other products, has been generating rapid growth, partly through acquisition. But growth brought an increasingly complex shipping environment that left Sonoco logistics managers scrambling to manage 230,000 shipments each year. Sonoco leaders selected Oracle Transportation Management Cloud to ensure that they could make the system and process improvements needed to take on new business profitably.

3 700 envois par semaine, ce sont 3 700 opportunités de faire les choses bien ou mal. La possibilité de voir ce qu'il se passe en temps réel est essentielle.

Blake FaucetteSupply Management and Logistics Process Improvement Manager, Sonoco

Why Sonoco chose Oracle

A crisis point hit when trucking costs skyrocketed in 2017, with supply chains squeezed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, so Sonoco logistics managers decided they needed a solution that would let them adapt more quickly to market changes. Sonoco selected Oracle Transportation Management Cloud to reduce the cost of shipping Sonoco’s enormous inventory of packaging materials. And there was a bonus: Transportation Management Cloud had strong integration with Sonoco’s other Oracle products.


With the implementation of Oracle Transportation Management, about 80% of Sonoco orders are now automatically tendered to shipping carriers without any human intervention. A major goal of this project was to eliminate much of the manual labor involved in assigning loads to trucks that take Sonoco packaging materials to various manufacturers. Before Oracle Transportation Management, every one of the company’s shipments had to be manually "touched" by a Sonoco logistics planner and tendered to a carrier.

Now, the team can manage the exceptions and more complicated jobs, rather than touching every load. Logistics planners handle the transportation needs of 250 plants throughout North America, about 6,500 shipping lanes, handling about 230,000 shipments each year. “We’ve never been short on data, but now we have processes behind that data,” says Blake Faucette, Sonoco supply management and logistics process improvement manager. The new system also let logistics managers focus on work such as standardizing and improving emergency processes.

Sonoco implemented Oracle Transportation Management Cloud in an impressively fast 18-week process.

Publié:16 septembre 2020