Trucking giant cuts costs and complexity with Oracle Cloud

To streamline and integrate its finance and HR operations,Yellow Corporation implemented Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM.


Il n'y a pas presque les frottements associés à une mise à niveau car il y avait l'habitude d'être. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'attendre trois ans. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'investir des millions de dollars dans le projet. Tout a changé avec Oracle Cloud.

Jason RinggenbergPDG, Yellow Corporation

Défis des entreprises

Yellow Corporation’s five trucking and logistics companies were running multiple versions of PeopleSoft on-premises HR and finance applications, as well as a range of HR point solutions. Many of those apps were heavily customized to support business processes in place when the systems were implemented long ago.

The customizations made upgrades complex, so Yellow Corporation put off doing them, leaving the company behind the feature curve.

Meantime, the company’s IT organization had to spend an enormous amount of time developing interfaces to get data out of one system and into another, leaving the holding company without the insights it needed across its businesses. Yellow Corporation wanted a single provider of cloud-based ERP and HCM applications to improve integration and make upgrades easier.

Je n'arrive pas à comprendre pourquoi on choisirait des fournisseurs distincts pour la HCM et l'ERP.

Jason RinggenbergPDG, Yellow Corporation

Why Yellow Corporation chose Oracle

Yellow Corporation chose Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM because the company’s leadership viewed Oracle as the world’s leader in database encryption and because Oracle owns the entire tech stack, ensuring that any security vulnerabilities are patched quickly.


By implementing Oracle’s integrated cloud solutions for ERP and HCM, Yellow Corporation reduced the cost and complexity of using multiple on-premises point solutions for core back-office functions.

The company has significantly streamlined upgrades and reduced IT costs, including eliminating the need to maintain a data center.

Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM have also enhanced employee and manager self-service and enabled Yellow Corporation to leverage best practices for key business processes.

Publié:22 juillet 2020