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Oracle NoSQL Database

Oracle NoSQL Database

Oracle NoSQL Database is designed for today’s most demanding applications that require low latency responses, flexible data models, and elastic scaling for dynamic workloads. It supports JSON, Table and Key-Value datatypes running on-premise, or as a cloud service with on-demand throughput and storage based provisioning.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service is now a fully managed database service running on Gen 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hardware.

What’s New in Oracle NoSQL Database

Video: Airbus Uses Oracle NoSQL Database for Flight Testing

White Paper: Deploying Oracle NoSQL Database on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

White Paper: Deploying Oracle NoSQL Database on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Video: NTT Docomo launches Digital Marketplace application


Oracle NoSQL Database is a solution for applications with the following characteristics:

  • Produce and consume data at high volume and velocity
  • Require instantaneous response time to match user expectations
  • Developed with continuously evolving data models
  • Scale on–demand based on the dynamic workloads

NoSQL Database is a sharded (shared-nothing) system which distributes the data uniformly across multiple shards in a cluster. Within each shard, storage nodes are replicated to ensure high availability, rapid failover in the event of a node failure and optimal load balancing of queries. NoSQL Database provides Python, Node.js , Java, C, C# drivers and a REST API to make application development easy and fast.

Oracle NoSQL Database is integrated with the following Oracle products: Internet of Things, Golden Gate, Fusion Middleware, and Communication Elastic Charging Engine.

Oracle NoSQL Database (on-premise) is available in the following editions: Enterprise, Community.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service is a fully managed database service for developers who want to focus on application development without dealing with the hassle of managing the back-end hardware and software infrastructure.

Need help getting started?

Download Oracle NoSQL Database. Jump start your experience using Quick Start Guide, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and leverage the Community Discussion Forum.