JSON-based Development in Oracle Database

JSON-based Development in Oracle Database

Oracle Database fully supports schemaless application development using the JSON data model. This allows for a hybrid development approach: all of the schema flexibility and speedy application development of NoSQL document stores, combined with all of the enterprise-ready features in Oracle Database.

Oracle Database stores, manages, and indexes JSON documents. Application developers can access these JSON documents via document-store APIs. Oracle Database provides sophisticated SQL querying and reporting over JSON documents, so application developers can easily join JSON documents together as well as integrate JSON and relational data.

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is MongoDB compatible, and is part of the Autonomous Database Cloud Service. It is aimed at application developers who want to work through simple NoSQL-style APIs (including Oracle's SODA and the MongoDB API) but also provides full SQL access to both relational and JSON document data in the database.

MongoDB Compatibility

The Oracle Database API for MongoDB allows MongoDB-compatible programs and drivers to connect directly to the Oracle Autonomous Database. Often programs require little or no code changes or rewrites other than changing the connect string, and will then function exactly as though were connected to a MongoDB database. But at the same time, full SQL access is available to read or write documents and collections created through the MongoDB programs or drivers.

SQL Access to JSON Documents

Oracle database provides a comprehensive implemention of SQL, for both analytics and batch processing. JSON held in the Oracle Database can be directly accessed via SQL, without the need to convert it into an intermediary form. JSON collections can be joined to other JSON collections or to relational tables using standard SQL queries.

Fully Integrated into Oracle's Database Platform

Users of Oracle Database no longer need to choose between ease of development and enterprise data management features. By using the Oracle Database as a Document Store with JSON, Oracle delivers a complete platform for document store applications, including but not limited to: secure data processing through encryption, access control, and auditing; horizontal scalability with Real Application Clusters; consolidation with Oracle Multitenant; and high availability functionality that means JSON stored within the Oracle Database benefits from unparalleled levels of uptime.

Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA)

SODA now has its own page here.

Oracle Database provides a family of SODA API's designed to support schemaless application development. Using these API's, developers can work with JSON documents managed by the Oracle Database without needing to use SQL. SODA is supported across a number of platforms and languages including REST, Java, Node.js, Python, PL/SQL, and OCI.