Prioritize deskless worker needs

Today people expect their organizations to support them, value them, and be socially responsible. To retain deskless workers, employers must redesign the employee experience by giving them more control of their careers, helping them create meaningful connections, providing them with opportunities for growth, and prioritizing safety in the workplace. In short, they must redefine what best looks like for their organization.

Learn 5 steps to retain your deskless workers with a better employee experience

More than 75% of the global workforce is deskless, yet deskless workers often feel disconnected, undervalued, and unappreciated. Hiring and retaining them is critical to business survival, the global economy, and our supply chain. Changes need to be made now.

Be an employer of choice for deskless workers

Put them in the driver’s seat

Provide easy access to schedules and earned wages, step-by-step guidance, and answers to their questions.

Help them build relationships

Foster networking and relationship building to help workers feel a sense of belonging, no matter where they’re located.

Invest in them now and in the future

Help your people grow so they’re more likely to stay—whether it’s through upskilling, reskilling, or helping them find their next internal opportunity.

Show them you care

Commit to their health and safety so they can focus on serving your customers well.

“The use of Oracle Cloud HCM across different business units and countries has enabled Fujitsu to start to standardize the way that we do things as an organization. And that has really allowed us to focus on the employee experience.”

Sarah WadsworthHead of HR, Fujitsu UK

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Don't just fill the next shift. Shift your employee engagement strategy.

Leverage a cloud solution that gives deskless workers a reason to stay by providing them with an exceptional employee experience that connects with and engages them. Find out how Oracle Cloud HCM solutions can help.

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Build connection with your deskless workers

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