Transforming healthcare for a healthier, more sustainable future

Powering impactful change for providers, improving access to care, and driving positive outcomes for patients—all are made possible by Accenture’s extensive industry experience and the power of Oracle technologies. Together, we understand that the winners in this era will be those who lead with empathy to reshape healthcare, from access through experiences to outcomes.

Modern healthcare journey

Holistic, human-centric healthcare

Improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care through data-driven insights powered by a complete view of patient health records.

Modern, connected, and intelligent enterprise

Reduce operational costs and enhance patient experiences with seamless integration and intelligent process automation across your core solutions.

Improved access with a full, out-of-the-box healthcare suite on a sovereign cloud

Establish integrated health solutions on a sovereign cloud. Address changing geopolitical landscapes and strengthen national health infrastructures.

Transforming healthcare on Oracle Cloud

For healthcare experiences to be relevant, people must have timely and easy access to them, and the experiences delivered must improve outcomes. In the past, health organizations were forced to make trade-offs between these imperatives—but no longer.

In this new era, Accenture delivers transformative industry solutions via Oracle technology that help balance capacity with demand through automation, enhanced decision-making, and personalized services across channels—all while advancing the overall quality of care and therapeutics.

This solution brief explains how Accenture solutions built on Oracle Cloud empower healthcare professionals to create a healthier, more sustainable future with a modern, connected healthcare ecosystem.

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October 13, 2022

Informed decision-making with healthcare analytics

Dr. Sarah Matt, Vice President, Healthcare Markets, Oracle Health
Andrew Truscott, Global Health Technology Lead, Accenture

In healthcare, the byproducts of past challenges—data assets and innovation—are helping us envision a future where clinicians are well equipped to predict health outcomes and make informed decisions.

Human ingenuity + powerful technology

Why Oracle + Accenture?

Today’s healthcare leaders embrace change for humanity’s sake, putting people at the center of all they do. And tools now exist to support this human-centric approach to healthcare. See how Accenture’s continuous solution innovation on Oracle Cloud enables clients to transform how they do business.

Accenture and Oracle Transforming Healthcare

Pediatrix | Accenture

Better care in the cloud

Pediatrix, a physician-led medical group operating in 38 states and Puerto Rico, needed consistent back-office processes and consolidated enterprise-wide systems for its network of practices. See how Oracle + Accenture deployed core Finance, Procurement and EPM components to help meet their strategic goals.

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