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Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Solaris

Oracle Brings OpenStack to the Enterprise

Oracle Solaris 11 includes a full distribution of OpenStack, the leading open source software for managing diverse cloud infrastructures.

Oracle Solaris OpenStack

Only Oracle Solaris integrates enterprise-grade security into enterprise cloud infrastructure, providing end-to-end compliance from creation to deployment with secure installation, encryption, and read-only virtualization.

Oracle 10Gb Ethernet adapter overview


  • Run your cloud infrastructure reliably, securely, and efficiently
  • Host OpenStack compute resources in Oracle's highly scalable and industry proven hypervisor
  • Update a full cloud environment in less than 20 minutes
  • Reduce storage footprints in the 3-5x range with ZFS compression
  • Run mission-critical applications with zero overhead virtualization
  • Reduce compliance regulation costs with comprehensive compliance monitoring and reporting

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