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The business needs you. You know the technology. You control the tools. There are dozens of other priorities. Oracle Analytics enables the business with self-service analytics to gain insights from data without being a burden on you.

Give the business the analytic tools they need through automated provisioning and life cycle management that includes high availability, improved security, elastic scalability and reduced operations costs.

IT has an obligation to enable the business though data analytics. Oracle Analytics Cloud allows IT to simplify its infrastructure, connect to all enterprise data, and scale with the business. With embedded machine learning, Oracle Analytics allows for faster data preparation and enrichment which enables the business to uncover hidden patterns and deliver more accurate predictions.

Oracle Analytics helps customers:

  • Simplify
    Oracle Analytics helps customers find answers faster, uncover deeper insights, and create better stories. This is achieved in an efficient, easy to understand manner that leverages data discovery, machine learning, stunning visualizations, quick collaboration, interactive presentations, identification of key segments and behavior, automatic recommendations and chart creation, single-click trending and forecasting, drag-and-drop clustering and outliers, automated anomaly discovery, all while allowing the user to interact with nothing but the sound of their voice, on any device. These capabilities help create a more agile business that acts on the best information and collaborates with compelling analyses.
  • Connect
    Oracle Analytics provides access to all sources, enriches, and creates recommendations for better understanding of data. These capabilities are not dependent on where information exists within your enterprise or what format it is in and leverages machine learning transformation, smart connectors, and embedded SaaS applications to ensure every angle, every scenario, every perspective is considered. This data enrichment ensures the best information is obtained quickly - allowing faster collaboration and understanding which in turn enables more efficient action.
  • Scale
    Oracle Analytics allows for high performance analytics that will grow with the business and can connect to large data lakes, cost effectively. This is accomplished through reducing the cost of storing data, leveraging more data for richer analysis, deploying to internal and external constituencies, scaling as needed to accommodate more consumers, and using SPARK for high volume processes. This provides a cost effective and less complex solution and can be on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both and can change back and forth making it highly customizable and the best possible fit for your organization now and in the future.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Simplify Simplification allows for reduced cost and complexity
Connect Efficient use of resources allows for speed

Scale Dynamic solution allows for growth

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