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AI-Driven Analytics

Oracle gives you freedom to intelligently explore and share insights, along with a framework to manage and secure all of your data.

Oracle’s Vision for Analytics

Oracle Analytics empowers customers with industry-leading, AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, augmented analysis, and natural language processing.

What Is Oracle Analytics?



Applied and invisible—exponentially boosting your effectiveness.

  • Enrich discovery and data sources
  • Recommend new metrics, flows, and sources
  • Identify drivers and influencers of performance
  • Speak to your data with conversational analytics
  • Generate narratives and actions automatically


Right place, right time—in your context.

  • Integrate your work, data, and systems
  • Experience a single environment for data prep, visualization, and dashboards
  • Permeate insights continuously across systems
  • Deliver intelligence with context and timeliness
  • Embed at the optimal point of impact


A common foundation for sharing knowledge.

  • Break down walls, allowing all stakeholders to work together
  • Deploy global transformation policies for all to use
  • Monitor, align, and act on business metrics
  • Seamless, transparent, and free of constraints
  • Enable business and IT to deliver on common goals
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Oracle Analytics Products

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Empowering organizations—across analysts and line-of-business users—with modern, AI-powered, self-service analytics functionality for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, augmented analysis, and natural language processing/generation.

Oracle Analytics Server

Brings all industry-leading capabilities of the Oracle Analytics Cloud platform to organizations requiring on-premises deployment options. Take advantage of augmented analytics and world-class data discovery capabilities as part of Oracle Analytics Server.

Oracle Analytics for Applications

Leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Analytics and powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Analytics for Applications delivers real-time access to personalized business application analytics, including benchmarks and machine learning-driven predictive insights.

Oracle Essbase

Both on-premise and cloud business users can use business scenario modeling and what-if analysis, test assumptions, and generate easy-to-understand visualizations—all with a single click.

Charting Your Course with Oracle Analytics

Select the product you’re currently using or the service you’re interested in to see the path to your destination.

Tutorials and Extensions

Analytics Library


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