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Oracle Business Analytics for IT

Sprint to Innovation
Sprint to Innovation

When visual analytics are combined with unfettered access to data, companies can sprint—not walk—to innovation.


Cloud icon Cloud

Is digital disruption forcing you to rethink your analytics strategy?

Adopt the cloud at your own pace. Connect your existing on-premises technologies to the cloud for instant analysis. You can grow as you go—at a low cost and less risk.

Visual Analytics
Visual Analytics icon Visual Analytics

Can you give business users the ability to do a visual analysis of their data?

Empower your people with agile analytics. With a best-in-class visual analytics platform, you can make rich, easy-to-use analytics available to everyone.

Simplify Operations
Simplify Operations icon Simplify Operations

Are shadow systems producing misguided management decisions?

Centralize your data model and metrics so everyone is working from the same playbook. Help people uncover new insights—without comprising data integrity or security.

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