Oracle Optimized Solution for Secure Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Accelerate Secure Private Cloud Deployment

Built on proven best practices, this complete, secure infrastructure architecture dramatically reduces the time required to architect, deploy, and manage cloud services.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Tested and proven guidelines help you deploy an optimized cloud infrastructure. Includes Oracle’s powerful SPARC servers, ZFS Storage, networking, virtualization, and management tools.

OOS for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure overview

Lower Risk, Faster Time to Value

  • Reduce risk with built-in security and compliance in every layer of the stack
  • Supports a broad range of Oracle Solaris-based applications while offering up to 50% lower TCO than multivendor alternatives
  • Provides a robust, flexible, and balanced foundation for enterprise applications and databases with 2x greater virtualization capabilities and up to 50% faster performance
  • Achieves 5x faster deployment and reduced risk with tested and proven blueprints

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