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Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem: A Nonresidential Acceleration Program for Startups

Oracle’s global startup mission is to provide enriching, collaborative partnerships to enable next-generation growth, business development, and to drive cloud-based innovation for startups throughout all stages of their development. Oracle Scaleup is a nonresidential, virtual-style program designed for startups, venture capital, and private equity portfolio companies to enable hypergrowth and scale.

Startups that are selected for Oracle Scaleup will have access to Oracle’s vast global resources including Oracle Cloud credits and discounts, migration assistance, mentoring, marketing, and engagement opportunities with Oracle customers and partners.

Why Should I Apply for Oracle Scaleup?

Oracle Scaleup is uniquely designed and qualified to accelerate startup growth across three critical areas:

Scaling to an enterprise-grade solution

  • Workshops and curriculum designed to support product growth
  • Tailored, expert guidance to meet the needs of enterprise customers
  • Migration assistance and dedicated support for existing workloads
  • Free credits to leverage Oracle Cloud, including IaaS and PaaS
  • Significant discounts on Oracle Cloud after credits expire

Help building revenue

  • Engagement opportunities with Oracle’s more than 430,000 enterprise customers
  • Customized curriculum on how to sell to and navigate in customer enterprise organizations
  • Sales, marketing, and promotional experts and opportunities to highlight products and successes on Oracle Cloud
  • Access to a dedicated team focused on accelerating your growth

World-class mentoring

  • Introductions to investors, serial entrepreneurs, product evangelists, and sales and marketing mentors to enable scale and growth
  • Hands-on technical mentoring to ensure applications and technology can grow to planetary scale alongside your business


Who Is Eligible?

  • Startups in growth phase or positioning for hypergrowth
  • For venture capital firms, private equity funds, accelerators or other startup endeavors, we can create customized packages for your portfolio companies.


How Do I Apply?

Interested startups, venture capital firms or similar organizations can apply here:



How do I contact you?

You can register your interest in the form below or email us at

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