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Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Advanced Services for Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c

The Oracle Advanced Customer Services Difference

  • Personalized and proactive mission-critical support and managed cloud services
  • Patented technology with automated tooling across all domains—from database to application, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
  • More than 4,000 experienced technical engineers closely integrated with Oracle Support and Oracle Development supporting over 6,000 global customers
  • All services include a designated Technical Account Manager for end-to-end solution governance

Key Benefits

  • Optimized planning and analysis
  • Minimized risk
  • Faster time to production
  • Accelerated adoption of Oracle Database 19c and Oracle Autonomous Database

Covered Deployment Models

  • Oracle Database on-premises and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Exadata on-premises and in cloud deployments
  • Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Database 19c is a “long term support” release that provides highest stability and planning reliability combined with exciting features that enable increased operational efficiency and a seamless transition to Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Database. Customers can reduce cost and accelerate innovation when they upgrade their existing databases from older versions. In complex environments, upgrades or changes can have unforeseen implications on other components. Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help you modernize your database environments safely, efficiently, and according to your specific requirements.

What Makes Advanced Customer Services Unique

For over two decades, Oracle Advanced Customer Services has been supporting customers across the globe to run and maintain their most critical and complex database environments. Whether you run Oracle Database in on-premises, Oracle Cloud, or hybrid environments, Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help keep your database workloads optimized, secure, and running smoothly with service options that range from advanced assistance to a fully managed solution

Accelerate Oracle Database 19c Upgrade

Customers who are still on older database releases should upgrade now to benefit from

  • Stability at the highest level and the longest support timeframe,
  • Reduced security and compliance risks
  • IT Modernization through multitenant architecture, modern application development, data science and machine learning, and automation

However, in complex environments, upgrades or changes can have unforeseen impact on stability or performance. Getting it right the first time can save time, cost, and labor.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services customers can accelerate and derisk their upgrade projects by leveraging upgrade services that are delivered by experienced Advanced Support Engineers using unique upgrade and analysis tooling. Designated engineers provide the required focus and experience to proactively mitigate potential risks, run multiple test iterations, efficiently execute the upgrade, and facilitate business continuity during and after the upgrade process.

Protect and Extend Your Oracle Database Technology Investment

Your database upgrade projects might take longer than planned because of changing priorities or unexpected economic disruption.

Oracle has a long-term policy to offer comprehensive support across the lifetime of Oracle software products. Once older software has reached Oracle Sustaining Support, you can still count on limited maintenance; however, you no longer have access to new bug fixes, critical patches, or security updates. This can leave your most important applications at high operational and security risk, which may lead to increased cost.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services offers Market-Driven Support for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11gR2) to extend the life of business-critical databases on this version and assist customers with upgrade planning to a fully supported release of the Oracle Database.

This offering includes the following service components:

  • Severity 1 Fixes: Oracle will provide code fixes or workarounds to correct newly discovered issues that result in Severity 1 production incidents for Oracle Database 11gR2 instances.
  • Security Updates: Oracle will continue to evaluate security-related risks and other newly discovered vulnerabilities that could potentially impact the terminal release of 11gR2 and provide critical security patches or updates that Oracle deems appropriate.
  • Upgrade Planning Workshop: Oracle Advanced Customer Services will provide the customer with one Upgrade Planning Workshop designed to assist with developing an upgrade plan during the contract period. The goal is to help Oracle Database 11gR2 customers upgrade to a fully supported release and reduce the risk associated with operating business-critical applications on a Sustaining Support release of the Oracle Database.
  • Technical Account Manager: A Technical Account Manager (TAM) will serve as a single point of contact for service-related questions.

Proactive Analysis and Workload Performance Testing

Oracle Supportability Planning and Design

Gather and analyze database, platform, application, or security build requirements resulting in design recommendations to ensure supportability, reliability, and maintainability.

Oracle Upgrade Assurance Service

Expert upgrade preparation and test for your most critical databases providing a detailed understanding of the upgrade impact and hidden risks.

Sample activities:

  • Upgrade planning to deliver a recommended upgrade approach
  • Impact analysis to define a detailed testing plan
  • Preupgrade testing to determine expected post upgrade performance including automated testing using real production workload, SQL performance unit test, and realtime status reports
  • Detailed upgrade analysis report

Efficient and Safe Database Upgrade

Oracle Database Upgrade Service

Comprehensive service providing a complete upgrade of your non-production and production environments.

Sample activities:

  • Upgrade planning with configuration review and upgrade planning report
  • Impact analysis through database performance and patch review
  • Upgrade of non-production and production environment including upgrade execution, application of critical patches, and support of customer’s testing
  • Go-live assistance
  • Handover of fully tested and operational Oracle Database 19c to users

Keep Your Database Running Smoothly and Secure


Oracle Managed Exadata Database Cloud Service

Oracle Managed Database as a Service

Fully managed 24/7 lifecycle service including provisioning, monitoring, management, patching, tenant/administrative database user administration, and periodic service reviews. Available for Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud at Customer, and non-Exadata deployments.

Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution

This comanaged service can be tailored to your environment providing 24/7 diagnostic and resolution support, as well as monitoring of performance, availability, capacity, and fault detection to help predict and analyze events.

Managed Database Security Services

Ongoing management of your Oracle Database security solution to help protect data and meet security compliance requirements including regular vulnerability and risk assessments as well as support for Database Encryption, Database Vault, Audit Vault, and Data Masking.

Oracle Solution Support Center

Advanced level of support through a designated team of experts to assist you with resolution and optimization of your Oracle Database environment. You can benefit from proactive technical guidance and advice, reviews and knowledge sessions, and priority handling of incidents and service requests.

Oracle Priority Support

Personalized, proactive support delivering faster problem resolution and priority handling of incidents and service requests.

Embrace the Full Potential of Your Oracle Database Investment

As an Oracle Database customer, you have choices. Stay on-premises, move to a modern cloud operational model behind your firewall with Cloud at Customer, or fully embrace Oracle Cloud. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has global expertise in managing business critical infrastructure, and database and application workloads—keeping hybrid and multicloud businesses running smoothly. Partner with Oracle Advanced Customer Services to help run and maintain your Oracle Database workloads while your IT team focuses on innovation and moving your business forward.

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