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Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Modernize and Manage Your Exadata, Your Way

The Oracle Advanced Customer Services Difference

  • Personalized and proactive mission-critical support and managed cloud services
  • Patented technology with automated tooling across all domains—from database to application, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
  • More than 4,000 experienced technical engineers closely integrated with Oracle Support and Oracle Development supporting over 6,000 global customers
  • All services include a designated Technical Account Manager for end-to-end solution governance

Partner with Oracle Advanced Customer Services to Accelerate Oracle Exadata in the Cloud

  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Reduce database costs
  • Improve security and availability
  • Access to the latest features and functionality
  • A future-proof platform that grows with your business

Oracle Advanced Customer Services Can Help Drive Your Imperative Business Outcomes:

  • Decreased cost through simplified and standardized architectures and processes reducing total cost of ownership
  • Improved operations leveraging automation, unique tooling, and flexible tenancy management
  • Enhanced security tailored to your needs including standardization across delivery models and solution governance
  • Transformation through expert guidance and recommendations for continued optimization and modernization

Data Security Challenges Introduced by Digital Transformation

  • Complexity of hybrid/multicloud and risk of misconfigurations
  • New vulnerabilities through rapid deployment of changes
  • Increased sophistication of cyberattacks
  • Fast evolving regulatory landscape
  • Handle growing security demands with lean IT and security teams

Oracle Exadata customers, both on-premises and in a cloud model, experience extreme performance, scalability, and the flexibility of a chip to click integrated software and hardware solution1. The seamless compatibility between deployment models can help ensure a smooth transition to cloud when ready, and an efficient hybrid strategy.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help keep Oracle Exadata environments optimized, secure, and running smoothly. With offerings that range from advanced assistance to a fully managed solution, services align to varying customer confidence and skill levels.

Why Review Your Oracle Exadata Estate?

Future proof today to reduce cost and accelerate your long-term goals

Of the Fortune 100 companies, 87% of them run Oracle Exadata. Many of these customers now find themselves at a crossroad. Should they upgrade aging on-premises systems, modernize by moving to cloud, or take a hybrid approach? Oracle Advanced Customer Services has supported these customers since the inception of Oracle Exadata in 2008. With proven expertise, experience, and flexible service portfolio, Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help customers run and operate their environments enabling them to maximize their technology investment and ensure the ongoing success of their business.

Thousands of Global Deployments

Three (3) destination options

Is it time to upgrade older Oracle Exadata machines? Do you plan to stay in the data center or are you ready to capitalize on next-generation computing and the innovation that Oracle Cloud can deliver? Oracle Exadata is unique in the marketplace as it runs in three (3) different models where customers can easily move between environments without fear of incompatibility.

1. Oracle Exadata Cloud Service—to move out of the data center

2. Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer—to keep the cloud behind your firewall

3. Oracle Exadata Database Machines—to manage your on-premises deployments

Regardless of deployment approach, Oracle Advanced Customer Services can partner with you to help you run and operate your workloads with confidence, control cost, and achieve optimum levels of performance, availability, and security.

Modernize Management of Your Business Workloads

Flexible services that align with your timeline and choice

Although some customers are not yet ready, moving to the cloud is inevitable and essential to the longevity of most organizations. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has global expertise and flexible service options to help you in managing critical infrastructure, and database and application workloads across onpremises, cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments.

You choose the options that cover your requirements:

  • Self-management with advanced assistance—Use your internal resources to take on nearly everything and benefit from personalized technical support to improve efficiency and availability.
  • Manage it together—Engage supplemental help to fine-tune solutions and extract maximum value with flexible proactive system monitoring and resolution.
  • Let Oracle manage it—Spend time on tasks that drive your business results by leveraging a fully managed 24/7 lifecycle service.

So, how will you modernize the management of your Exadata workloads?

Advanced Assistance

Elevated support, targeted where you need it most


Oracle Solution Support Center

Advanced level of support, including a designated team of experts to assist with the ongoing execution, effective use, and expansion of your Oracle solution

  • All models

Oracle Priority Support

Personalized, proactive support delivering faster problem resolution and priority handling of incidents and service requests

  • All models

Oracle Engineered Systems Quarterly Patch Deployment

Proactive patch maintenance and bug and security fix updates to derive optimal performance, reduce risk, and correct security vulnerabilities.

  • Exadata Cloud at Customer
  • On-premises machines

Installation and Configuration for Hardware and Software

Audit of the installation environment, configuration of your system to match your requirements, and integration of test servers and storage, using recommended practices and proven technology

  • On-premises machines

Managed Services

Managed 24/7 comprehensive lifecycle support


Oracle Managed Exadata Database Cloud Service

A fully managed 24/7 lifecycle service to keep databases properly maintained, running smoothly, and secure

  • Exadata Cloud Service
  • Exadata Cloud at Customer

Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution

24/7 diagnostic and resolution support, as well as monitoring of performance, availability, capacity, and fault detection to help predict and analyze events, tailored to your environment.

  • All models

Data Security

Combat security challenges and manage controls


Oracle Managed Vulnerability and Threat Prevention Services

Detailed scans and penetration testing designed to identify misconfigurations introduced by change events, and installation of controls and monitoring to only allow valid requests to access the system, protecting your infrastructure and web applications against malicious attacks

  • All models
  • Penetration testing only for Exadata Cloud Service

Oracle Managed Database Security Services

Ongoing security compliance monitoring and audit management as well as support for Database Encryption, Database Vault, Audit Vault, and Data Masking to protect your data

  • All models

Oracle Managed Identity and Access Management Services

Management, reporting, and operational guidance for your Oracle Identity and Access Management solution to improve identity visibility and identity management across hybrid cloud and increase access controls

  • All models

Embrace the Full Potential of Your Oracle Database Investment

As an Oracle Exadata customer, you have choices. Stay on-premises with Oracle Exadata Database machines, move to a modern cloud operational model behind your firewall with Cloud at Customer, or fully embrace Oracle Cloud by moving directly to Oracle Exadata Cloud Service. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has global expertise in managing business critical infrastructure, and database and application workloads—keeping hybrid and multicloud businesses running smoothly. Partner with Oracle Advanced Customer Services to manage your Oracle Exadata Database workloads while your IT team focuses on innovation and moving your business forward.

1Constellation Research: Oracle Exadata X8M: The Fastest Oracle Database Platform, September 2019

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