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Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution

Ensure Uptime of Mission- Critical IT Environments

Key Features

  • 24/7 secure, remote monitoring and resolution services delivered by skilled engineers using proven ITIL-based practices
  • Complete infrastructure coverage across hardware, operating systems, databases, storage, backup, networks, and more
  • Certified security embedded in delivery architecture and processes

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risks and make IT operations costs predictable
  • Continually optimize mission-critical environments
  • Maximize system availability through Oracle tools and recommended practices

Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution delivers monitoring and resolution services across the entire IT stack (from servers to applications) that help maximize uptime of mission-critical environments and increase the efficiency of your IT. Engineers from Oracle Advanced Customer Services provide 24/7 monitoring and mission-critical support that helps drive continuous system optimization. Deliver better service levels while controlling both costs and risk through proactive monitoring and resolution services.

Specialized Expertise to Continually Optimize Environments

Today’s complex IT infrastructures require specialized expertise in networks, servers, applications, and storage. With tightened IT budgets, it can be difficult to retain IT specialists to manage complex IT environments across a broad range of products. Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution enables you to deliver quality IT services and high system performance that the business demands with reduced risk of downtime. Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution leverages intellectual property, tools, and recommended practices to optimize your IT environment. The service consists of two principle services for mission-critical systems:

  • Advanced Monitoring. Predictive monitoring provides 24/7 proactive system monitoring. These services leverage proprietary Oracle technologies and provide coverage for complex Oracle and third-party systems from the network layer to the applications layer. Monitoring services help ensure uptime and deliver increased service levels via proactive notification of potential issues, enabling staff to focus on core business activities.
  • Advanced Resolution. Resolution services include proactive monitoring and provide the ITIL-based processes and technological expertise for system administration and incident resolution. A dedicated team of technical experts delivers proactive and preventive maintenance while still allowing you the flexibility to select only those systems you want Oracle to oversee.

Proactive monitoring and resolution services are delivered via a global network of local experts and fully disaster recovery compliant control centers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Resolution services are uniquely designed for your business with options ranging from full remote solutions, to full onsite solutions, or the appropriate combination. Regardless of the service design you choose, Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution uses a single global knowledge base and toolset that ensures your business reaps the maximum benefit of Oracle’s global expert experience.

Solutions That Cover Your Entire IT Infrastructure

Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution provides 24/7 monitoring and resolution services across the entire IT infrastructure, from database to applications to storage networks and services. All monitoring and resolution tools and technologies are designed to support the ITIL services framework. You can choose from 24/7 remote or onsite, shift-specific service coverage. Oracle also provides a unique client portal where all service activity can be monitored, inventory management can be accessed, and historical data can be searched.

Core Monitoring Activities: Oracle monitors infrastructure components 24/7 for potential events that could critically affect system operation and availability. Monitoring agents are configured to create alerts when specific system or application metrics exceed a predefined threshold. Proactive monitoring also involves actively testing basic internet protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS.

Core Resolution Activities: Engineers from Oracle Advanced Customer Services deliver root cause analysis, telemetry analysis, and problem resolution. Oracle acts as your single point of contact to remediate all incidents, even if Oracle is not the party responsible. With resolution services, you have access to dedicated expert technical and account management staff to meet with your team regularly to review change management processes and identify strategies for continual service improvement based upon your historical data.

Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution services can be delivered across the following technology options.

  • Database: Oracle Database specialists use secure telemetry to monitor, tune, and continually improve your Oracle solution. Oracle can also monitor other providers’ databases and technologies as you migrate to Oracle products.
  • Applications: Oracle applies specialized application expertise to deliver monitoring and maintenance services that help maintain optimal performance of your core Oracle application environments. Examples include:
    • Oracle E-Business Suite: Specialized engineers with expertise and tools specific to Oracle E-Business Suite can monitor application performance indicators and deliver expert planning, guidance, and resolution.
  • Servers: Monitoring and resolution of Oracle server products delivers the availability management and performance optimization required of your business. Many organizations have a mixed platform environment thus; Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution can also include systems from most major server providers. Examples include:
    • Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic: Specialized monitoring and resolution service specialists for Oracle’s integrated technologies leverage recommended operational practices to optimize performance and availability.
  • Storage Disk and Volume Services: This service provides guidance and recommended practices for disk space allocation, provisioning of SAN, NAS, and DAS storage arrays or storage servers, and delivers capacity management advice.
  • Tape Backup and Restore Services: Oracle engineers monitor best-in-class tape libraries, such as Veritas, Tivoli, or other major backup environments. Oracle can also monitor, restore, and coordinate offsite archive services.
  • Network: Oracle engineers provide monitoring and resolution services of all major data center switches and routers.
  • Web Infrastructure: Oracle delivers transaction monitoring and web site availability services.

Optional Service Enhancements to Meet Your Business Requirements

Many IT organizations must maintain certain performance, availability, and service level requirements. For those organizations that require more specific monitoring and maintenance criteria, Oracle Advanced Customer Services offers a variety of optional service enhancements.

Sample service enhancements include:

  • End User Monitoring: Oracle delivers end user performance analysis against key performance indicators enabling businesses to identify improvement opportunities for predefined applications.
  • Simulated Transactions: Oracle delivers diagnostic monitoring of end-user transaction experiences to confirm proper functionality in a production environment.
  • Ping and HTTP Verification: Oracle monitors performance and availability of devices and initiates resolution in case of failures.

Security Embedded at All Levels

The security of your data and systems is of paramount importance to Oracle. The unique design of our monitoring and resolution architecture ensures that only information about the status of systems, not data, is available to Oracle. We operate within a comprehensive set of security processes, including staff screening, and training.

Predictable Costs and Improved IT Efficiency

Whether your goal is to improve system performance, take advantage of new technologies, or grow your business, Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution can take your enterprise to the next level. Our unique combination of highly-skilled engineers, established methodologies, and innovative technologies enables you to meet budget and business goals.

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