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Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS

Key Features

  • Personalized guidance from a dedicated Oracle Technical Account Manager
  • Priority Service Request response
  • Resolution of complex problems with multiple related incidents
  • Quarterly reviews and knowledge sessions

Key Business Benefits

  • Highest levels of availability and performance of your business critical SaaS solution
  • Business continuity through proactive risk detection and prevention before issues can occur
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Preferred access to Oracle knowledge
  • SaaS reliably delivering the outstanding services you need for your business success

Supported Products

  • Oracle SaaS offerings

Related Services

  • Oracle Mission Critical Support for SaaS
  • Oracle Managed Security Operations Center for Cloud

Oracle SaaS subscriptions include platinum-level services for smooth implementation and operational support. If you are seeking an enhanced service level for your most critical SaaS environments to ensure the highest levels of availability and performance, Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS is the answer. Get your incidents and Service Requests placed at the top of the queue for faster resolution, and prevent risk with proactive guidance by Advanced Customer Services engineers.

Enhanced Level of Support for Your Business

Your business depends on the availability and performance of your cloud solution. You can help ensure a more personalized level of support and guidance for that technology with Oracle Cloud Priority Support for IaaS and PaaS. This service, from Oracle Advanced Customer Services, delivers tailored support to maximize your return on investment in the Oracle Cloud.

Personal Support for Your SaaS Success

With Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS, you will get access to a designated Oracle Technical Account Manager who understands your business requirements and proactively manages incident resolution and escalations.

The Oracle Technical Account Manager

  • Provides personal support to you based on a detailed understanding of your SaaS solution and your use of Oracle SaaS.
  • Speeds resolution times through proactive management of incident resolutions and escalations, and coordination of a virtual team of Oracle Cloud Operation and Oracle Cloud Support engineers addressing your issues. Keeps your team and senior management updated on the status.
  • Assists with complex problems such as Service Requests with multiple related incidents, or to address unique business requirements which need more attention than standard escalation processes or individual issue resolution
  • Ensures successful project rollouts such as upgrades, by managing the escalation process of critical incidents to prevent them from affecting your business

Proactive Reviews and Knowledge Transfer

The Oracle Technical Account Manager also leads formal quarterly reviews with you to assess performance against recommended standards, discuss your business and technical plans, anticipate and avoid escalations, and offer insight on how to ensure you are receiving the most value from your Oracle SaaS investment.

At each quarterly service review, your Oracle Technical Account Manager compares Oracle’s performance against the defined Oracle platinum-level Cloud Support response targets. In addition, you receive detailed support metrics that give you deeper insight into the value you gain from your Oracle SaaS investment.

With Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS, you will also benefit from a preferred relationship with Oracle engineers who offer knowledge sharing and live chats.

Faster Incident Resolution with Priority Service Response

Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS puts your Service Requests at the top of the queue to get them addressed and resolved quickly.

To provide immediate action and faster recovery from unplanned downtime, Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS includes automatic, 24/7, time-based alerts that notify your Oracle Technical Account Manager of critical issues.

These prioritizations of your Cloud Operation’s incidents and Service Requests will help you achieve maximum availability of your Oracle SaaS solution.

Benefit from Our Experience

With Oracle Cloud Priority Support for SaaS, you will receive unique personal support on top of platinum-level services, to give your most critical SaaS environments the attention they need to deliver the value your business expects. Receive tailored guidance, benefit from faster incident resolution, and gain preferred access to Oracle product knowledge. Keep your SaaS systems running predictably, minimize disruption, and deliver a competitive advantage to your business.

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