SaaS Support Services FAQs

SaaS Support Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle Saas Support Services FAQs

  • What has Oracle announced?

    On May 7, 2018 Oracle announced new platinum-level support services—at no additional charge—for Oracle Fusion cloud applications. These services are designed to help customers get more value from Oracle SaaS applications including Oracle Fusion ERP, EPM, HCM, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce.

    In addition, Oracle announced new Advanced Services that can be flexibly tailored to the particular requirements of any individual customer.
  • What will Oracle SaaS Support Services include?

    24/7 technical support: To help customers resolve issues faster without adding to costs, the new SaaS Support Services will enable all customers to receive a technical support response typically in less than 15 minutes for severity one issues.

    Dedicated implementation support: Customers will receive a dedicated, named engineer to provide guidance and hands-on support through the implementation process.

    Proactive technical monitoring: Oracle’s technical team will take advantage of the latest machine-learning technology to diagnose and resolve technical problems without the customer having to file a service request. In fact, the customer may not even realize there was a problem.

    Success planning support: Oracle will work with customers on a technical and business execution strategy to help ensure the successful deployment and end-user adoption of Oracle SaaS applications.

    Business process monitoring and guidance: Oracle will leverage data and process-efficiency insights to save the customer time and money by analyzing customer use cases and providing recommendations for business process improvements.

    Education on demand: Oracle is investing in free education courses and the creation of a new, on-demand education portal, which is expected to feature more than 2,000 new topics, as well as guided learning starter packs to walk users through how to execute processes in the application. Customers can also attend Quick Start events on the cloud service of their choice.

    Customer Success Portal: To help customers expertly adopt SaaS and achieve their business objectives, Oracle SaaS Support Services will include a new digital platform where customers can find Oracle resources such as education, training, technical support, and consulting; interact with relevant expert content to help achieve specific business goals; and design personalized training and education paths.
  • What will Oracle Advanced Services include?

    Additional tailored services: Extended services designed to provide customized dedicated support through the entire SaaS lifecycle.

    Certified resources: Oracle certified-to-know experts have deep expertise, product, and domain knowledge and extensive experience driving change so customers get the right knowledge and experience to drive business outcomes.
  • When will these new services be available for customers?

    The new services are expected to be available in the summer of 2018.
  • Should customers continue to contact their Customer Success Manager?

    Yes. All customers should continue to use existing contacts for sales, support, and professional services to address immediate and ongoing needs. We will communicate all changes and transitions in advance through these familiar channels.
  • Can customers still purchase Oracle Professional Services?

    Yes. Oracle Professional Services continue to be available. Please contact your current sales representative to assist you.