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Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Leverage Tailored Support to Maximize the Value of SaaS

Barriers to Cloud Adoption

Cybersecurity Insiders: 2018 Cloud Security Report:

“What are the biggest barriers holding back cloud adoption in your organization?”

  • 42% respondents: Lack of staff resource or expertise
  • 39% respondents: General security risks
  • 39% respondents: Integration with existing IT environment
  • 28% respondents: Data security, loss, and leakage risks
  • 34% respondents: Legal and regulatory compliance
  • 27% respondents: Loss of control
  • 24% respondents: Internal resistance and inertia

Advanced Customer Services offerings for SaaS

  • Oracle Cloud Priority Support: Prioritized issue resolution
  • Oracle Solution Support Center for Cloud: Dedicated support team, proactive and reactive support
  • Oracle Mission Critical Support for SaaS: Flexible services bundles
    • Oracle Business Help Desk for SaaS: Functional services, end user support
    • Oracle Critical Process Management for SaaS: 24/7 support and monitoring when it matters the most
    • Oracle Regression Testing: Effective SaaS application testing to minimize change impact
    • Oracle Extensions and Integration Support for SaaS:
  • Efficient management of extensions and PaaS for SaaS integrations
  • Oracle Expert Services: Guidance and assistance with your Oracle technologies
  • Oracle Managed Security Services: Suite of services for highest security and data protection
    • Oracle Managed Identity Cloud Service: Expert identity management
    • Oracle Managed Security Operations Center for Cloud: 24/7 security management

Oracle SaaS applications best unfold their full value and rich capabilities if user adoption, business continuity, technical optimization, and security are addressed proactively. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has a targeted service portfolio for the specific needs of Oracle applications customers. Take advantage of tailored support and guidance throughout your Oracle cloud applications usage and meet your business objectives with cloud-based applications.

Oracle SaaS offers tremendous benefits to modern organizations such as rapid innovation, agile processes, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. Some enterprises may still be reluctant to embark on their cloud journey as it bears changes to the end user experience, IT processes, and business support.

When in-house IT teams struggle with the new requirements of supporting cloud-based environments, it can have a significant impact to business. For example:

  • Underestimating the level of support required after go-live can lead to delayed adoption, lower business confidence, and missed return on investment (ROI) goals.
  • Limited in-house IT support resources for testing and integration of cloud patches, may find it hard to keep up with the new functionality that SaaS continuously provides. This can affect business operations and end user proficiency.
  • End users experiencing slow resolution of application issues, and not receiving functional support when they need it, can become dissatisfied and less productive.

Targeted Support Addressing Key Saas Support Challenges

Oracle Advanced Customer Services has many years of experience in operation and support of Oracle Applications in the cloud and on premises. More than a thousand subject matter experts around the world assist and guide customers toward their business goals.

A targeted and flexible services portfolio can address your key SaaS requirements. Oracle Advanced Support Engineers, armed with recommended methodologies and sophisticated service delivery technology, can help you build a successful business operation and relieve your IT staff from routine tasks.

User Adoption

Adopt new technology and functionality quickly

How do you

  • Set up core business functions?
  • Configure to recommended practices?
  • Provide business transaction support?

The Advanced Customer Services Targeted Offering

  • Oracle Business Help Desk for SaaS increases business end user satisfaction through elevated help desk support including timely and targeted functional support of your end users, configuration assistance, new feature demonstration, and SLA-based response and resolution times

Business Continuity

Meet your SLA obligations, and ensure business continuity when it matters the most

How do you

  • Address performance issues of critical processes (e.g., during month-end close)?
  • Integrate cross-cloud workloads?
  • Assist your end users with adoption of SaaS functionality?
  • Adopt processes to business changes quickly?

The Advanced Customer Services Targeted Offering

  • Oracle Cloud Priority Support enhances platinum-level support and provides fast issue resolution for your most critical cloud applications solutions.
  • Oracle Extensions and Integration Support for cloud applications gives you high agility through efficient management of extensions and cloud platform and cloud application integrations
  • Oracle Solution Support Center for Cloud provides high availability and performance, assists with the ongoing execution and effective use of your cloud solution through end-to-end support of your entire Oracle environment by your dedicated Oracle support team.
  • Oracle Critical Process Management ensures business continuity during key events through 24/7 management and monitoring of critical processes and rapid issue resolution.

Technical Optimization

Secure your SaaS / PaaS hybrid environment and control access efficiently

How do you

  • Manage extensions and integrations?
  • Lower your support cost?
  • Bridge your resource gaps?
  • Make the most of your SaaS environment?

The Advanced Customer Services Targeted Offering

  • Oracle Expert Services help make your cloud journey a success with personalized support of skilled Oracle engineers and technology leaders who understand your environment and business goals.
  • Oracle Regression Testing for SaaS minimizes change impact on key business flows through effective SaaS application testing.


Achieve high performance of your on-premises and cloud environments

How do you

  • Prevent unauthorized access and data breach?
  • Manage security of our cloud-based applications to highest standards?

The Advanced Customer Services Targeted Offering

  • Oracle Managed Identity Cloud Service protects identities, authentication, and access to your Oracle SaaS and other cloud and on-premises applications with a unified, cloud-based service.
Service Name Service Description User Adoption Business Continuity Technical Optimization Security
Cloud Priority Support Prioritized issue resolution X
Solution Support Center for Cloud

Designated support team, proactive and reactive support

Mission Critical Support for SaaS

Flexible service bundle

Business Help Desk for SaaS

Functional services, end user support

Critical Process Management for SaaS

24/7 support and monitoring when it matters the most

Extensions and Integration Support for SaaS

Extensions, PaaS for SaaS

Regression Testing Service for SaaS

Application testing for business continuity

Expert Services

Guidance and assistance with all Oracle technologies

Managed Security Services

Suite of services for highest security and data protection

Managed Identity Cloud Service

Expert identity management


Get It Right, Keep It Right with Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Contact your Oracle Advanced Customer Services Sales Representative to discuss how this unique offering can help you adopt your SaaS solution quickly and safely to reach the goals you defined at the outset of your cloud journey.

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