Earth Day 2022

Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. At Oracle, we believe in Earth Day being more than an annual celebration and more of a reminder of the importance of our work. Oracle recognizes this annual celebration by highlighting ongoing corporate sustainability strategies, the work our customers are doing to demonstrate environmental leadership, and the people who are striving to build a sustainable future.

Chipotle wins 2021 Change Agent award for shift to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

To continue their mission of promoting food integrity and sustainable farms, Chipotle has made it a priority to modernize the accounting and financial management functions that keep the business running and ready to face the future. This demonstration of business efficiency and environmental leadership earned the restaurant chain a 2021 Oracle Change Agents Sustainability Award. To find out more about how Chipotle is going digital for the future, read this blog.

To help protect the planet, Smithsonian and Oracle send visitors on a VR trip

The “FUTURE of Water” is one subject of the FUTURES exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Arts + Industries Building in Washington D.C., which uses virtual reality to give users the experience of rescuing a turtle wrapped in plastic and removing waste matter from drain walls. Oracle Energy and Water partnered with the FUTURES team to show visitors how their actions impact the health of the planet. Read this blog to learn more about the new exhibit.

Oracle names winners of Change Agents Sustainability Awards

A select number of organizations worldwide earned the Change Agents Sustainability Award, an honor that recognizes Oracle customers who have demonstrated excellence in environmental leadership while reducing costs and improving business efficiency with Oracle Cloud technologies. These winners from around the world have exemplified the value that comes from making sustainability a business imperative. To learn more about the winners and the solutions they’ve implemented to ensure a more sustainable future, visit our Change Agents Awards page.

Sustainability Thought Leadership Webinar with Earth 51

In honor of Earth Day 2022, this thought leadership webinar—powered by Oracle in partnership with Earth 51 and Oracle customer Anteja—will showcase a conversation about why it’s crucial for sustainability to be on today’s business agenda. The discussion will also cover the importance of having a sustainability strategy and the benefits of creating meaningful change that’s good for business, society, and the planet. Register for the webinar, which will take place on April 26, 2022, at 11 a.m. CEST.

Beyond Earth Day: April is a month of service for Oracle Volunteers

The third week of April is a chance for people to make a difference through both volunteerism and environmentalism. This year, National Volunteer Week takes place between April 17 to April 23 while Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. See how Oracle Volunteers around the world are giving back to their communities from beach clean-ups to reducing food waste.

Oracle Giving and the Marine Mammal Center: partners for ocean advocacy

One of the first Oracle Giving grants made by Oracle Corporate Citizenship Vice President Colleen Cassity was to the Marine Mammal Center; an organization with nearly five decades of experience rescuing and rehabilitating animals, promoting educational programs, training scientists and building community. Read this conversation between Cassity and the center’s CEO Jeffrey Boehm to learn more about the institution’s mission, programs, and their call to action for those who want to help marine life.

Taking concrete steps toward a sustainable future

A 2021 report from the United Nations warned that the planet is on track to warm by more than 2.7 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. The scale and urgency of the climate crisis prompted Oracle to join the UN-led Race to Zero and the Exponential Roadmap Initiative campaigns to set goals such as achieving carbon neutrality at our own facilities and supporting the carbon-reduction commitments of our customers and partners. Read this Sustainability Matters blog to find out what Oracle’s commitments are to accelerate climate solutions.

Oracle accelerates transition to low-carbon economy

As the world looks to 2030 as a make-or-break point in the climate battle, the United Nations says they will need the cooperation of governments and major industries to achieve lofty climate goals. Beyond the company’s own sustainability performance, Oracle recognizes that they can also have a great impact in other ways. The opening of the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab in spring 2022 in Reading, UK, will provide customers and partners with a place to experiment with innovative strategies to lower carbon outputs in alignment with UN, British government, and Oracle corporate goals. Read this blog for more details about the lab.

Oracle's circular supply chain reduces the environmental impact of product manufacturing

Oracle values the impact that a circular economy can have by reducing the pressure on the environment. To keep environmental sustainability at the forefront of corporate responsibility, Oracle has developed a closed-loop, circular supply chain to reuse retired assets from data centers. Oracle is taking specific actions to achieve this that include refusing materials that deviate from sustainability efforts, reducing the carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly products, reusing whole or partial computing solutions, and recycling retired assets into reusable material. Learn more about Oracle’s circular supply chain.

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