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Oracle Systems Requirements

System Requirements
System Requirements for Oracle Applications Cloud

Important! Oracle Application Cloud will no longer provide Internet Explorer (IE) 11 bug fixes starting in Release 19 D. Due to significant performance issues using IE11 and based on the recommendation from Microsoft (see Microsoft Support FAQ), Oracle Cloud customers are strongly recommended to use a modern browser when accessing its applications.

Android Device Support

Oracle is pleased to provide Android device support where noted. However, due to the vast variety of screen resolutions, user interface element specification and pixel density (DPI), Oracle recommends you test your Android devices as being functional with Oracle Mobile Applications prior to committing to their use. In some cases, devices may exhibit issues rendering aspects of our native mobile applications. Advise Oracle of any issues you have rendering on your Android Device and we will be pleased to review the device profile for possible inclusion in a future release.

Previous Release

Customers are advised not to assume that a platform, device, or release is supported if it is not listed above. Please contact Oracle Support if you have any questions.