EDA Viewing features for AutoVue

AutoVue provides native viewing of manufacturing documents, PCB layouts and schematics. AutoVue's design rule verification, cross-probe, markup/annotation and secure real time collaboration capabilities facilitate communication across extended teams, and standardize the design review process, allowing PCB designers and contract manufacturers to reduce the number of costly board spins and achieve faster time-to-market.


View all relevant EDA formats including: PCB Layouts, Schematics and Manufacturing formats

Access the full, embedded intelligence in a PCB with attribute querying for Traces, Nets, Components, Inserts and Geometry Library Objects

Easily control and navigate through layers by turning physical layers and entity types associated with each layer on or off or bringing layers to the top with a simple click of the mouse. Access layer sets (views) as predefined in the authoring application or define your own

Instantly access important information without having to repeatedly drill down into an entity's details using AutoVue's tooltips. Entity properties are instantly displayed by hovering the mouse over a specific element of a schematic or PCB layout

Select all net instances when nets span multiple pages

Highlight the selected entity and dim the rest of the board for easier viewing

Import the layer sets as defined in Mentor Expedition and Cadence Allegro files


Generate 3D models of a PCB from the native EDA data: for EDA formats that contain component height information, AutoVue can dynamically generate a 3D display of the board

Full Search and Highlight for multiple Components and Nets based on a variety of attributes, keywords and values. Search for Nets, Components, Pins, Vias, Devices or Parts. Export these custom lists in a variety of formats

Instantly see entity properties by using AutoVue's EDA Tooltips. This productivity features allows to instantly access important information without having to repeatedly drill down into an entity's details

Highlight nets by tracing the path of a net or signal through various PCB layers and across multiple schematic pages


• Cross probe between a PCB layout, its related schematics or 3D PCB
—select a net or component in a Schematic and it is instantaneously located and highlighted in the Layout or vice versa. Users can also easily find all occurrences of a particular component or net and easily navigate between them, should they be present on multiple sheets of a schematic. In addition, AutoVue offers an automatic mode that intelligently determines the appropriate view (layout, schematic, 3D model) for the cross probe target

• Compare EDA files—determine what has been added, removed or unchanged in designs by comparing different versions of EDA files. Easily and accurately align and scale drawings while in EDA compare mode

• Take precise measurements using the snapping feature
—measure precisely to the endpoint / midpoint of a line, the intersection of two nets, the center of a circle, or on any pin / via / symbol origin. Use the Minimum Distance tool to measure the proximity of nets, pins and pads to one another from edge of net or components

• Generate Bills of Materials (BOM) for multi-page schematics and export results


Print or plot to any supported printer or plotter

Print the displayed area, the extent of a drawing or select a scale

Print preview, see results before generating actual printout

Partial print preview, control the location and orientation of a print job before printing

Print page ranges, via dialog box or via command line option

Add headers, footers and watermarks, select what to print: file name, date, time, etc.

Add graphical symbols

Batch print documents