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Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service

Featuring the next generation of Oracle Policy Automation technology, Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service has been designed for rapid modeling and delivery of seamless end-to-end customer advice experiences. Key capabilities include:

 Enhanced authoring productivity with new Policy Modeling experience, and powerful collaboration tools for policy owners
 Simplified data integration with built-in knowledge of Oracle Service Cloud metadata, and support for any other application
 Streamlined administration experience, with Policy Automation Hub to easily track and manage deployments, versions and connections
Top Resources
Features and Benefits
The best place to start for an introduction to Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service, this presentation gives an overview of who it's for and how it works.
   Release 19D Features and Benefits (12.2.17)
   Release 19C Features and Benefits (12.2.16)
   Release 19B Features and Benefits (12.2.15)
   Release 19A Features and Benefits (12.2.14)
   Release 18D Features and Benefits (12.2.13)
   Release 18C Features and Benefits (12.2.12)
   Release 18B Features and Benefits (12.2.11)
   Release 18A Features and Benefits (12.2.10)
   Release 17D Features and Benefits (12.2.9)
   August 2017 Features and Benefits (12.2.8)
   May 2017 Features and Benefits (12.2.7)
   February 2017 Features and Benefits (12.2.6)
   November 2016 Features and Benefits (12.2.5)
   August 2016 Features and Benefits (12.2.4)
   May 2016 Features and Benefits (12.2.3)
   February 2016 Features and Benefits (12.2.2)
   November 2015 Features and Benefits (12.2.1)
   August 2015 Features and Benefits (12.2.0)
   February 2015 Features and Benefits (12.1.0)
Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service User Guide
The Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service User Guide provides complete information on creating, deploying and administering Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service.
   Release 19D User Guide (12.2.17)
   Release 19C User Guide (12.2.16)
   Release 19B User Guide (12.2.15)
   Release 19A User Guide (12.2.14)
   Release 18D User Guide (12.2.13)
   Release 18C User Guide (12.2.12)
   Release 18B User Guide (12.2.11)
   Release 18A User Guide (12.2.10)
   Release 17D User Guide (12.2.9)
   August 2017 User Guide (12.2.8)
   May 2017 User Guide (12.2.7)
   February 2017 User Guide (12.2.6)
   November 2016 User Guide (12.2.5)
   August 2016 User Guide (12.2.4)
   May 2016 User Guide (12.2.3)
   February 2016 User Guide (12.2.2)
   November 2015 Documentation Library (12.2.1)
   August 2015 Documentation Library (12.2.0)
   February 2015 User Guide (12.1.0)
OPA Cloud Service Online Knowledge Base
The Oracle Service Cloud knowledge base contains answers and links to information on Oracle Policy Automation. Be sure to login to see as many results as possible.