Application Development Framework (ADF) Articles

Powerful and Easy ADF Data Control for XML Data [August 2015]
By Richard OlrichsOracle ACE and Wilfred van der DeijlOracle ACE Director
ADF EMG XML Data Control, an open source initiative by the Enterprise Methology Group, provides an easy and declarative way to set up ADF Data Controls on XML files, services or payloads. Richrard Olrichs and Wilfred van der Deijl explain its history and use.

Optimize ADF Faces Pages for Printing [April 2015]
by Stefanie Schwiesow
ADF Faces tables that use percentage values to define the column widths, paired with column stretching set to "multiple", don't display well in print mode. Stefanie Schwiesow's article outlines a solution to beautify the prints of ADF Faces tables in Oracle JDeveloper 12c.

Design Responsively [March 2015]
by Frank Nimphius
Use the Oracle Alta UI design system to implement a mobile-first strategy for web applications.

Marrying the Worlds of HTML 5 and ADF [September 2014]
by Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema
Lucas Jellema demonstrates how, within the context of an ADF (or WebCenter Portal) application, even developers with no ADF skills at all can integrate small or large components developed with AngularJS outside of the ADF application.

Region Extreme: Multi-Task-Flow Binding [July 2014]
by Frank Nimphius
Render an unknown number of task flows in page or dashboard regions.

REST for Everyone [March 2014]
by Frank Nimphius
Build and consume database-bound RESTful web services with ease, using Oracle JDeveloper 12c and Oracle ADF.

The Next Big Wave [November 2013]
by Frank Nimphius
Explore mobile frontiers with Oracle ADF Mobile.

Build Your Own [July 2013]
by Frank Nimphius
Build and deploy Oracle ADF declarative components, and gain the benefits of reuse.

Calling Home [May 2013]
by Frank Nimphius
Here's a bean reference technique to enable Oracle Application Development Framework regions to make callbacks to their parent pages.

Catch Me If You Can [March 2013]
by Frank Nimphius
Manage error handling in Oracle ADF applications. 

Master and Commander [December 2012]
by Frank Nimphius
Implement a reusable command pattern template strategy using contextual events for unlimited parent-to-region interaction.

Consume Early, Consume Often [September 2012]
by Frank Nimphius
How to service-enable Oracle ADF Business Components application modules for consumption by SOA and Web services clients

Service, Please! [July 2012]
by Frank Nimphius
Integrate Web services with Oracle ADF and Business Components applications.

Personalized Dashboards [May 2012]
by Frank Nimphius
Extend an Oracle ADF Faces dashboard application to support persistent user personalization.

A Template with Behavior [March 2012]
by Frank Nimphius
Use the Oracle ADF Dynamic Tabs UI Shell template to build rich internet applications.

Security for Everyone [January 2012]
by Frank Nimphius
Protect your Oracle ADF applications from unauthorized access using the Oracle ADF Security feature.

Put on a Friendly Face [October 2011]
by Frank Nimphius
Build a custom look and feel for your Oracle ADF Faces applications.

All Aboard [Sep. 2011]
by Frank Nimphius
Build train models for navigation in bounded task flows.

Add Advanced List Interaction [June 2011]
by Frank Nimphius
Use model-driven lists of values in Oracle Application Development Framework to implement smart lists with autosuggest behavior.

Implement Contextual Events [Apr. 2011]
by Frank Nimphius
Use Oracle Application Development Framework’s Contextual Events feature for interregion communication.

Series: Adapting Oracle Application Development Framework and Subversion to Your Enterprise's Needs [Aug. 2010]
by Chris Muir
This five-part series investigates the complex area of file version control using Subversion for the life cycle of an Oracle ADF application.

Series: Oracle ADF Development Essentials [Feb-May 2010]
by John Stegeman
Learn basic best practices for building Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)-based apps productively, using common tools like Ant, Subversion, Hudson, Selenium, and JUnit.

The Route to Success [01-Jan-2010]
by Steve Muench
Use task flow routers for conditional navigation.

One Smart Combo [14-Oct-2009]
by Steve Muench
Let end users choose, search for, or manually enter valid values.

Turn Applications into Portlets [19-Aug-2009]
by Vanessa Wang
Use Oracle WebCenter to integrate applications and task flows with other applications.

At the Breaking Point [19-Aug-2009]
by Steve Muench
Debug more effectively with Oracle Application Development Framework.

Ajax and Partial-Page Refresh in Oracle ADF Rich Client [13-July-2009]
by Lucas Jellema & Chris Muir
Get an overview of the support for Ajax and PPR in the Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client constituent of Oracle ADF 11g From Oracle ACE Directors Lucas Jellema and Chris Muir.

Targets, Accessors, and Trees [01-June-2009]
by Steve Muench
Hierarchical data displays are simple with Oracle Application Development Framework.

Extending a Helping Hand [01-May-2009]
by Steve Muench
Add custom features to improve team productivity.

Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g JPA Workbench [March 2009]
by Andrei Cioroianu
Learn how to use Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) to build Java EE applications that map objects to relational databases, using Java Persistence API (JPA).

A Ride at the OK (or Cancel) Corral [02-Mar-2009]
by Steve Muench
Configure nested transactions using Oracle ADF task flows.

Easier Interactive Data Entry [18-Dec-2008]
by Steve Muench
Improve the end-user experience with declarative LOVs and automatic partial page refresh.

Developing for the Apple iPhone with Oracle JDeveloper and ADF [19-Dec-2008]
by Joe Huang
Any developer can rapidly create a compelling iPhone Web app today, using Oracle JDeveloper and ADF. This tech article explains how.

Oracle ADF Development Essentials: Version Control with Subversion - Using a Repository for Single-User Projects [11-Dec-2008]
by John Stegeman
Learn how to create a repository and start using Subversion for version control in a single-user environment.

Oracle ADF Development Essentials: Version Control with Subversion - Managing Versions in a Team Environment [11-Dec-2008]
by John Stegeman
Use Subversion to help you manage versions in a team environment.

Oracle ADF Development Essentials: Version Control with Subversion - Avoiding "Gotchas" [11-Dec-2008]
by John Stegeman
How to avoid or circumvent some of the common "gotchas" that arise when using Subversion for Oracle ADF development.

Implementing Cell Highlighting in JSF-based Rich Enterprise Apps [07-Nov-2008]
by Lucas Jellema
Help your end-users digest information by implementing cell highlighting in your JavaServer Faces app.

Developing a Regional Accent [01-Nov-2008]
by Steve Muench
Use task flows as regions to improve UI reuse.

Using Request-Response SOAP over JMS Web Services [9-Sep-2008]
by Bob Murphy
Using SOAP over JMS transport can be more scalable and efficient than over HTTP; here are some tips to get started.

Task and You Shall Receive [01-Sep-2008]
by Steve Muench
Visually assemble applications from reusable task flows.

A Home for Your Chrome [23-June-2008]
by Steve Muench
Easily enforce consistent look and feel with page templates.

Enlightened Development [01-May-2008]
by Steve Muench
Simplifying common navigation and coding tasks.

Build a Google Talk Client Using Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client and the Active Data Service [18-Apr-2008]
by Lucas Jellema
Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema explains how to build a rich Java client that fully integrates with Google Talk, step by step.

Introduction to Grails Development [18-Apr-2008]
by Harshad Oak
Learn how to build a simple Grails app using Oracle JDeveloper as your IDE, from Oracle ACE Director (Oracle Fusion Middleware) Harshad Oak.

Declarative Data Filtering [11-Feb-2008]
by Steve Muench
Define multiple query expressions and build search forms with ease.

Services with a Smile [01-Jan-2008]
by Steve Muench
Create data-centric Web services for SOA development in minutes.

Integrating the Oracle Designer Legacy Table API with Oracle JDeveloper 11 g ADF Business Components [25-Oct-2007]
by Chris Muir
Learn how to give your Designer-based systems new life by integrating the Oracle Designer Table API with Oracle JDeveloper.

Enhanced Calculation and Validation [18-Oct-2007]
by Steve Muench
Do even more in Oracle Application Development Framework 11 g?without code.

Defining a Cascading List of Values [17-Aug-2007]
by Steve Muench
Setting up LOVs is easier than ever with Oracle JDeveloper 11 g.

Integrating Oracle Forms into Oracle ADF Faces [21-June-2007]
by Wilfred van der Deijl
Learn a technique for extending existing Oracle Forms applications using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) components.

Producing Parameterized Pages [21-June-2007]
by Steve Muench
Use HTTP request parameters to retrieve rows to view and edit.

Beyond Declarative Validation [1-May-2007]
by Steve Muench
Implement more-complex business logic using Java.

Breaking Out of the Browser [11-May-2007]
by Steve Muench
Simplify your Java desktop applications by using Oracle ADF Swing.

Using EJB3 with Ajax [10-March-2007]
by Andrei Cioroianu
Learn how to build a Java EE application that uses Ajax, JavaServer Faces, and ADF Faces for the Web tier and EJB3 for the business logic.

Modeling Tables and Components [17-Jan-2007]
by Steve Muench
Maintain your data-centric business services with visual diagrams.

Learning Oracle ADF: A Beginner's Story [20-Nov-2006]
by Thomas Moore
This case study offers a brief but detailed introduction to UI development using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Integrating Oracle XML Publisher with Oracle JDeveloper 10 g [08-Nov-2006]
by Deepak Vohra
Learn how to use the FO Processor Engine, XSL-FO Utility, and PDF Document Merger in Oracle XML Publisher.

Jump-Start J2EE Development [26-Oct-2006]
by Steve Muench
Finish development faster with Oracle JHeadstart.

Harnessing the Active Data Model [28-Aug-2006]
by Steve Muench
Going beyond basic data access with custom service methods.

A New Face on the Block [01-Jul-2006]
by Steve Muench
Oracle ADF offers new JSF support and enhanced, visual, declarative development.

Enabling Data Exchange in Ajax Applications [20-Jun-2006]
by Andrei Cioioranu
Learn how to transfer data between Ajax clients and Java servers with XML and JavaScript Object Notation.

Validating Forms with Ajax [10-May-2006]
by Deepak Vohra
Learn how to build a Web application using Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3.

"Hello Ajax"! How to Do the Ajax Thing with Oracle JDeveloper [02-May-2006]
by Frank Nimphius
Get a quick-start introduction to Ajax programming from Oracle ACE Frank Nimphius by creating a simple "Hello World".

Tuning Your View Objects [01-May-2006]
by Steve Muench
What you don't know can hurt your application's performance.

A Hype-Free Introduction to AJAX [11-Apr-2006]
by Chris Shalk
Get an overview of the core fundamentals of AJAX (as well as its relationship to JavaServer Faces) from Oracle's Chris Schalk, without the usual hype. (Plus, explore new AJAX "Getting Started" resources.)

Standards-based Fusion [01-Mar-2006]
by Marta Bright
Oracle Fusion standards make applications hot-pluggable.

Using Bind Variables [01-Mar-2006]
by Steve Muench
Ensure maximum query performance?now and in the future.

Converting an EJB 2.0 Entity Bean to EJB 3.0 [4-Jan-2006]
by Deepak Vohra
Learn how to convert an EJB 2.0 entity bean to an EJB 3.0 entity bean in this new tutorial, step by step.

Appreciating the Entity Object [1-Jan-2006]
by Steve Muench
Declare and configure Oracle ADF entity objects instead of hand-coding Java.

Generating a JSF DataTable [01-Jan-2006]
by Deepak Vohra
Use Oracle JDeveloper and JSF to build a data table.