Data Warehousing Articles

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All Aboard the SQL*Loader Express [November 2015]
by Connor McDonald
A new processing mode takes the hassle out of dealing with flat file loading.

Go with the Flow [May 2014]
by Mark Rittman (Oracle ACE)
Oracle Data Integrator 12c delivers new flow-based mappings and deployment specifications.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine – Write-Back Flash Cache [February 2014]
by Deiby Mauricio Gómez (Oracle ACE) & Yenugula Venkata RaviKumar (OCM)
How to use the new Write-Back Flash Cache capabilities to gain greater performance of the Oracle Exadata system for Oracle Database deployments.

Making the Move from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator 12c [January 2014]
by Stewart Bryson
Oracle ACE Stewart Bryson's detailed guide to a phased migration to Oracle Data Integrator 12c that makes use of the integration and migration capabilities in ODI 12c.

On the Integrity of Data [April 2013]
by Lucas Jellema
An introduction to the basics of data integrity enforcement in a variety of environments.

Lighten the Load [September 2012]
by Mark Rittman
Oracle Data Integrator 11g makes data loading flexible, restartable, and routine.

Getting Started with Information Integration [September 2011]
by Jason Williamson, Tom Laszewski, and Prakash Nauduri
An excerpt from Oracle Information Integration, Migration, and Consolidation

Replicating Transactions Between Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database Using Oracle GoldenGate [Aug. 2011]
by Nikolay Manchev
Build a simple transaction replication example that spans these platforms, step by step.

Advanced Dimensional Design with Oracle Warehouse Builder [April 2011]
by Yuli Vasiliev
Learn how to go beyond the wizards to build dimensional objects.

Cube Development for Beginners [April 2011]
by Yuli Vasiliev
Get the basics of data warehouse development using Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g.

Preprocess External Tables [March 2011]
by Arup Nanda
Use inline preprocessing on external tables to simplify extract, transform, and load operations.

Using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Result Cache in an Oracle RAC Environment [January 2011]
by Murali Vallath
Learn about the advantages of this feature for databases in which your data does not change very frequently, such as in a data warehouse or reporting database environment.

Quickly Define KPIs and Scorecards That Use Them [January 2011]
by Mark Rittman
Build key performance indicators and scorecards in your business intelligence metadata with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g.

Using the JDBC Connectivity Layer in Oracle Warehouse Builder [October 2010]
by Yuli Vasiliev
Learn how to use the JDBC connectivity layer in Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 2 to manipulate data in JDBC-accessible sources.

Building on Storage [August 2010]
by Arup Nanda
Create sophisticated, feature-rich clustered file systems on Oracle Automatic Storage Management disk groups.

Using the R Package for Oracle Data Mining [July 2010]
by Casimir Saternos
A primer on using the open-source R statistical analysis language with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

A Refreshing Move [June 2009]
by Arup Nanda
Encrypt, compress, mask, and deliver information with Oracle Data Pump.

Accelerating Data Warehousing [May 2008]
by Dan Vlamis
Oracle OLAP 11g brings high-performance data warehouse features to Oracle Database 11g.

Intelligence and Identity [January 2008]
by Mark Rittman and Joel Crisp
Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Identity Management.

Reporting with the Familiar [June 2007]
by Mark Rittman
Create reports with familiar desktop tools and Oracle enterprise datasources.

Building a Hybrid Data Warehouse Model [April 2007]
by James Madison
As suggested by this reference implementation, in some cases blending the relational and dimensional models may be the right approach to data warehouse design.

Managing Data Quality [October 2006]
by Ron Hardman
Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g handles the truth.