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Public Cloud: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Architecture [January 2015]
by Peter Heller
Thomas Kurian shares his thoughts on the challenges enterprise architects face in establishing an effective architecture for cloud deployments

Aligning Corporate IT with Industrial IT [December 2014]
by Alan Levine, with Sean Parham and Brian Dummann
What role do enterprise architects play in helping organization create applications that can utilize from an expanding array of sensors and things? What are the specific problems on which architects should focus?

Designing Your Business for the Digital Economy [November 2014]
Presented by Jeanne Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan
This summary of the 2014 Oracle Enterprise Architecture Summit presentation by Jeanne Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan, examines the confluence of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, and the Internet of Things as key to the success of today's digital business.

Top 10 List for Success in the Cloud [June 2013]
by Octave Orgeron

Large-Scale Transformation Programs: Discussion at Oracle EA Summit 2012 [May 2013]
Using Enterprise Architecture Principles to Enact Change

Using Business Architecture to Ensure a World Class Customer Experience [December 2012]
by Bill Wimsatt and Stacy Rexroad

Enabling Cloud Infrastructure: A Service Provider's Perspective [November 2012]
by David Baum

Architects of Reform: IT Modernization at the Oregon Department of Human Services [November 2012]
by David Baum

Decisions, Decisions: The art, science, and politics of technology selection [August 2012]
What factors weigh most heavily on the technology selection decisions architects must make?

Automation Framework Architecture for Enterprise Products: Design and Development Strategy [July 2012]
by Anish Shrivastava
The case for using an automation framework for implementing and testing ERP product suites.

Community Roundtable: Agility versus Architecture [May 2012]
by Bob Rhubart
What happens to architecture in the rush to deliver solutions? A community panel discusses finding a balance.

Community Roundtable: Architecture, Confidence, and the Cloud [May 2012]
by Bob Rhubart
Cloud computing may be a new take on not-so-new concepts, but getting it right still requires an architectural approach.

Interview: Oracle IT Architecture Certification from Oracle University [May 2012]
by Bob Rhubart
A conversation with the people behind the new Oracle IT Architecture Essentials certification from Oracle University.

Lessons Learned in Large Scale Transformations [February 2012]
by Hamidou Dia
Insight into the IT transformation efforts at Bank of America and Dell.

Enterprise Architecture, Organizational Structure, and Company Performance [February 2012]
by Travis Wissink
Travis Wissink examines the connections, and what they mean for architects.

The Art of Architecture Transformation [January 2012]
by Alan Levine and Hank Margolis
In order to truly transform the business, IT and business leaders must come together to define an Enterprise Strategy.

Are You Ready to Compete Against the Public Cloud? [January 2012]
by Robert Covington and Brad Goodwin
A look at two companies that have embarked on a transformational journey that embraces many core aspects of cloud architecture.

Architect: Out of the Tower, into the Trenches [November 2011]
by Bob Rhubart
Community members talk about overcoming resentment toward IT architects and architecture.

Tools of the Trade [January 2012]
by Bob Rhubart
Asked to describe their favorite architecture tools, community members offer some surprising responses.

Architect: Out of the Tower, into the Trenches [November 2011]
by Bob Rhubart
Community members talk about overcoming resentment toward IT architects and architecture.

Butting Heads: Why IT and Business Don't Get Along [September 2011]
by Aki Iskhandar
The tension between the IT and business camps within companies is the result of incompatible life cycles. And the problem is getting worse.

Bridging the Gap Between Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture [September 2011]
by Manuel Ricca
Confronted with the age old problems of agility and complexity, today’s CIOs are under more pressure than ever to improve the strategic value of IT to the business.

Software Architecture: It's a Lot of Talk [May 2011]
by Bob Rhubart
Architects talk about the activity that takes up most of their time-- and why it is important.

On the Software Architect Trail [March 2011]
by Bob Rhubart
Architect community members talk about the education, training, and career paths that led to their roles as IT architects.

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