The Oracle+PHP Cookbook

Explore a broad range of HowTos for leveraging Oracle's PL/SQL APIs in PHP applications.

Welcome to the Oracle+PHP Cookbook! Whether you are a Web developer or enterprise developer looking to combine the robustness of the Oracle engine with the simplicity, performance, and ease-of-use of PHP, you are bound to find several interesting "recipes" here, each contributed by PHP coders, that will help you take full advantage of both technologies.

We welcome your comments and questions in the PHP Discussion Forum. And if you have any personal experiences you'd like to share with the OTN community, please let us know there as well!

John Alphonse, Oracle+PHP Cookbook Managing Editor
Justin Kestelyn, OTN Editor-in-Chief
The Oracle PHP Development Team

Available Recipes

 Creating an Ajax Process Using PHP and Oracle
Use the power of JavaScript to add seamless database interactions to your Web pages.

 Building a Locator with ZIP Data
Help your users understand your data in new ways, and answer the question: "Do you know where your data is?"

 Creating Oracle-Powered SOAP Services in PHP
Learn a step-by-step approach to developing a SOAP client and server in PHP using Oracle Database XE as a backend for your data.

 Creating Online Reports with Oracle and PHP
Learn about different techniques for creating online reports with Oracle and PHP.

 Online PayPal Payments with PHP and Oracle
Help your users buy products instantly online.

 Adding Google-like Search Operators to Simple Search Boxes
Give your users instant access to your most important information.

 Using Oracle's Built-in Security Features with PHP
How to take advantage of Oracle's native security features to improve the security of your PHP Web applications

 Inserting Multiple Rows with One Database Call Using PHP and Oracle Collections
How to use Oracle collections to improve the efficiency of PHP scripts that feature multi-row inserts

 Improving Performance Through Persistent Connections
The concept of persistent database connections is a question mark for many PHP developers. When exactly is it a wise decision to use them?

 Flash Remoting with Oracle and PHPObject
Use PHPObject to integrate Macromedia Flash seamlessly with your Oracle data.

 Easy Trees with Oracle and PHP
Use a few elegant queries and functions to make working with your hierarchical data a breeze.

 How To Encrypt Data in Oracle Using PHP
Improve the security of your Oracle-driven PHP applications by encrypting data.

 Persisting PHP5 Objects in Oracle
Make PHP5 objects persist in your database-driven Web applications, taking an important step toward fully object-oriented Web app development.

 Paged Result Sets with PHP and Oracle
Learn how to implement paged result sets, and display large ones efficiently.

 Calling Oracle Stored Procedures with PHP
A stored procedure workout with Oracle and PHP

 Performing Transactions with Oracle and PHP
How to manage many-to-many relationships reliably using the power of the Oracle Database.

 Working with Dates and Times in Oracle and PHP
Both PHP and Oracle provide functionality manipulating dates and times. Which to use and when?

 Binding Variables in Oracle and PHP
Improve the speed and security of your Oracle-driven PHP applications by binding variables.

 Working with LOBs in Oracle and PHP
Hitting the 4,000-byte limit? Enter LOBs...