JavaOne 2010 Conference Preview

By Steven Meloan

The JavaOne 2010 conference takes place September 19–23 in San Francisco and comes at a time when Java technology literally permeates our world—from the smallest devices to the largest datacenters and clouds. Already, there are 3 billion mobile phones running Java, 5 billion Java Cards in use, 80 million Java-enabled TV devices, with 97% of enterprise desktops running Java, and 9 million Java developers worldwide.

This year's JavaOne promises a wealth of content, not only in terms of the evolution of Java technology, but also in terms of the tools, resources, and best practices that developers need in order to design and build rich, compelling, and individualized services across the diverse technology screens of our lives. JavaOne attendees can choose from hundreds of expert-led* technical sessions, hands-on labs, and panel discussions, smaller and more informal Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions, as well as Keynotes by such industry leaders as Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development, Oracle; and Doug Fisher, Vice President and General Manager, Intel.

Meanwhile, Technical General Sessions, presented by diverse technical luminaries from Oracle, offer in-depth perspectives on the road ahead for Java technology. And then there's the Java Exhibition Hall, with the latest offerings from Java technology leaders, and the all-important opportunity to simply interact and network with developer peers. And this year, full JavaOne registration is a two-for-one proposition—also providing access to Oracle Develop Keynotes, General Sessions, Exhibition Halls, and more.

* Note the Duke Rock Star icon next to a session speaker's name. These Java Rock Stars have been chosen by their peers as top speakers and experts in their field. And JavaOne 2010 has over 30 returning Rock Stars.

JavaOne 2010 Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Stay informed about the latest developments and happenings at JavaOne by checking out the JavaOne conference blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page. Tweeters can keep others posted on their doings, and Facebook fans can get detailed news about the conference, as well as participate in lively discussions with other community members. And the JavaOne blog now has an RSS feed!

Technical Session Tracks

This year's conference presents sessions under eight broad technical categories:

  1. Core Java Platform
    The Core Java Platform track covers topics ranging from the latest developments in Java virtual machines to support for scripting languages such as Python and Ruby; deep technical explorations in areas such as security and networking; and best techniques and tools for tuning, scaling, and managing Java applications.
  2. Desktop Java
    The Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) constitutes one of the most highly leveraged technologies within the Java family. This track captures the latest and greatest developments in Java for the desktop—including tips, tools, and techniques for client application architecture, graphical user interfaces, Web and standalone deployment, and desktop application integration.
  3. Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud
    Whether you call your current service-oriented development "cloud" or not, this track is chock full of the latest and greatest vision, techniques, and practices related to Web services, SOAP, REST, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, public cloud deployment, private cloud architecture, software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and many other service-related topics.
  4. Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
    This track combines solid, up-to-date coverage of perennial enterprise topics such as Web application development, persistence, security, transactions, and testing, with more recently emerging directions such as dependency injection and continuous integration—and it adds a compelling suite of topics related to modularity, including OSGi techniques and the Java EE 6 Web Profile.
  5. JavaFX and Rich User Experience
    JavaFX, one of the newest and most exciting Java technologies, is a response to—as well as a driver of—the ever-expanding richness of user interfaces imagined by application designers and demanded by application users. This track covers the latest developments and practices for building rich, immersive, and powerful user experiences using JavaFX and other Java technologies across multiple hardware platforms and form factors.
  6. Java ME and Mobile
    This track is devoted to Java technology as the ultimate platform for mobile computing, including such topics as how the platform supports the increasing diversity of devices; how the ecosystem of application developers, phone operators, and device manufacturers is turbocharged with Java Store and Java Warehouse; and the latest best practices for developing, testing, porting, integrating, and deploying Java Platform, Micro Edition applications.
  7. Java for Devices, Card, and TV
    The early roots of Java technology as a platform for applications in embedded environments such as TV set-top boxes have broadened over the years to include everything from smart cards, to automobiles, to defense systems. Centered on highly interactive Blu-ray and similar environments, TV is an area of explosive Java activity. And the Amazon Kindle is an example of an entirely new category of Java-based devices. This track covers embedded and device usages of Java technologies, including Java SE, Java ME, Java Card, and JavaFX.
  8. The Java Frontier
    There are always exciting developments underway in the Java world that don't quite fit into a traditional category—things that surprise, stimulate, and inspire. This track is for the pioneers, the developers, and the visionaries who want to share ideas, prototypes, and even working systems that are beyond the everyday and are driving the very boundaries of Java technology.

Java University

Super-charge your conference experience by attending the 12th annual Java University training event on Friday, September 24, 2010 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Expert-led courses offer an exclusive opportunity to delve deeper into the hottest technical topics, in a dynamic classroom environment, with full-day and half-day courses.

Select from the following courses and many more:

  • Designing and Implementing Secure Java Web Services
  • Developing Java Technology Applications with the Java Persistence API 2.0
  • Developing Portable Java EE Apps with the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 Component API
  • Extreme Performance: Tuning Java SE for Throughput and Latency
  • Filthy Rich Clients
  • How Java EE and SOA Help in Architecting and Designing Robust Enterprise Applications
  • Integrating Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing to build the Next Generation Services
  • Java Certification Workshop: Review and Prep Session to Pass the Oracle Certified Java Programmer Certification Exam
  • Learning How to Develop Java ME Applications for Mobile Devices

Video Interviews from the Mason Street Tent

For the first three days of the JavaOne, there will be live videostreaming interviews from the Mason Street Tent. We'll have the news, technical information and buzz. Oracle Technology Network's Justin Kestelyn, Rick Ramsey, Tori Wieldt, Bob Rhubart, and Kevin Farnham host dozens of community experts for the latest news and buzz from the world's biggest and best conference. We've got authors, project leads, technology experts, and community members joining us to give us their insights and opinions. We'll take questions from the studio audience and via social media. Look over the schedule and make room in your busy schedule to join us. Programming starts Monday, September 20th at 8:00 am PT. If you are at JavaOne/Oracle Develop, you can be part of our live studio audience in the Mason Street Tent. If you can't be there, watch it here (bookmark the page!).

Oracle Technology Network Live Program Schedule

Monday, September 20
Tuesday, September 21
Wednesday, September 22

Programs will be added and change without notice, so please check back regularly!

JavaOne and Oracle Develop Unconference

An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference that is structured and led by the people attending it. And now JavaOne has its own unconference, which will be held September 19–23, 2010 at Parc 55 Hotel. The unconference offers the opportunity for JavaOne and Oracle Develop attendees to present their own session or workshop on a topic they're passionate about, in an informal, interactive setting. It's a great opportunity for attendees to learn what's on the minds of their peers in the community. Currently planned topics include cloud computing, databases, women in IT, virtualization, Oracle Solaris, and more.

The Zone, Black Eyed Peas, and More

Photo of Black Eyed Peas

JavaOne 2010 offers myriad opportunities for between-session networking and R&R. The Zone—including San Francisco's Hotel Nikko, Hilton San Francisco, Parc 55 Hotel, and the Mason Street Tent—is dedicated to you during the week of JavaOne. Network, share information, and learn from leading experts in the Java community—in a unique neighborhood created with developers in mind. The Java Exhibition Hall is the place to go for live technical demonstrations and discussions of the latest Java software and technology advancements. Also within the Java Exhibition Hall, explore the specifics of the Java platform itself at Java DEMOgrounds.

2010 Duke's Choice Award

But as is well known, all work and no play makes any Java developer a dull boy or girl. At the Game Zone, you can lose yourself in a classic pinball stand or the latest new adventure offering. And with the Mason Street Tent area (between Ellis and O'Farrell streets), The Zone takes to the streets—offering a morning cappuccino or an afternoon beer at Tap and Brew, a LEGO Pit game area, an e-mail lounge, as well as the opportunity to meet and hang out with the Duke's Choice Award winners and Java User Group (JUG) leaders.

And if anyone should think there might be nothing to do at night during JavaOne 2010, think again. At the Wednesday evening "Oracle OpenWorld Appreciation Event", which is open to JavaOne, Oracle Develop, and Oracle OpenWorld Full Conference attendees and those who purchased the Networking Add-on Package, check out the music of the world's hottest funk pop band, Black Eyed Peas, plus superstar rock legends Don Henley (of the Eagles) and the Steve Miller Band. Save the place and time now: Treasure Island, San Francisco. Wednesday, September 22, 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. See you there, and enjoy the conference!

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