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Maps Within Reach [July 2017]
by Chris Muir
Use your business data and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to provide useful maps to your mobile staff.

Fail Fast, Fail Often [May 2017]
by Chris Muir
Use Oracle Mobile Cloud Service’s Express API to rapidly prototype REST APIs.

Extending Mobile Apps [March 2017]
by Chris Muir
Add maps, cameras, and browser support to your Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator app.

Too Much of a Good Thing? [Jan 2017]
by Chris Muir
Use Oracle Mobile Cloud Service custom APIs in Oracle JET.

Become a Mobile Oracle JET Setter [Nov 2016]
by Chris Muir
Build mobile applications with Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit.

Empowering the Mobile Citizen Developer [Sep 2016]
by Chris Muir
Build mobile applications with Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator.

Express Lane Development [Jul 2016]
by Joel Kallman
Use Oracle Application Express to quickly build roadworthy mobile applications.

Analyzing What Matters [Jul 2016]
by Chris Muir
Use Oracle Mobile Cloud Service analytics with Oracle Mobile Application Framework.

Go Native with Apple iOS [May 2016]
by Chris Muir
Use the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Apple iOS SDK to develop mobile apps.

Good Design Avoids the Virtual Keyboard [May 2016]
by Frank Nimphius
When you’re designing application user interfaces for mobile devices, the user experience matters.

Offloading Mobile Storage [January 2016]
by Chris Muir
Share and secure files with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Storage API.

Custom Preference Screens [January 2016]
by Frank Nimphius
Build and integrate a custom preference screen for configuring local on-device user preferences.

API-First: Build APIs with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service [November 2015]
by Chris Muir
Integrate enterprise systems and mobile applications, using Node.js.

Add Services with a Smile [July 2015]
by Chris Muir
Consume enterprise web services from mobile apps via data controls in Oracle Mobile Application Framework.

Get Mobile and Connected [May 2015]
by Chris Muir
Consume enterprise web services from mobile apps via data controls in Oracle Mobile Application Framework.

Design Responsively [March 2015]
by Frank Nimphius
Use the Oracle Alta UI design system to implement a mobile-first strategy for web applications.

Thanks for Sharing [November 2014]
by Frank Nimphius
Share information among features.

Marrying the Worlds of HTML 5 and ADF [September 2014]
by Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema
Lucas Jellema demonstrates how, within the context of an ADF (or WebCenter Portal) application, even developers with no ADF skills at all can integrate small or large components developed with AngularJS outside of the ADF application.

Building a hybrid application with Mobile Application Framework and WebCenter Portal [July 2014]
by Yannick Ongena
This step-by-step guide shows you how to build a template in WebCenter Portal that will be used to display pages for native integration, build a custom component in your mobile application to consume WebCenter pages, and add a custom component to an AMX page.

Developing Custom Components with Oracle Mobile Application Framework [July 2014]
by Jeevan Joseph
This article shows you how to build a very simple custom component that is rendered like a notification badge inside the application, and includes support for custom attributes that are used by the component implementation.

A-Team Mobile Persistence Extension for Oracle MAF [July 2014]
by Steven Davelaar
The Mobile Persistence Extension for the Oracle Mobile Application Framework allows easy consumption of RESTful services and provides a complete persistence layer that allows you to use the mobile application in offline mode. Read this article to learn how you can start using this persistence extension today.

Debugging MAF Mobile Apps for Andriod Developers: Using Monitor [July 2014]
by Sydney
Debugging ADF Mobile applications can be a chore and under Android SDK environments even more so. This article will help you to reduce the heavy lifting and avoid the headaches.

Pixel Perfect UIs with Oracle MAF : CSS and JavaScript debugging on iOS [June 2014]
by Martin Deh
An illustrated how-to from Fusion Middleware A-Team architect Martin Deh.

Supercharge MAF development on Android by improving emulator performance [June 2014]
by Jeevan Joseph
This article explains how to setup the HAXM emulator accelerator to speed up the android emulator and thereby improving the MAF development experience on the Android emulator.

Custom Login page for ADF Mobile Applications [June 2014]
by Kotresh T M
The author shows you how to create custom login page for you ADF mobile application in five easy steps

Consume Twitter REST API v1.1 with ADF Mobile [April 2014]
by Christian Silva
Learn how to create an ADF Mobile application that calls the GET search/tweets method with a OAuth 1.0a HMAC-SHA1 signature as part of the Authorization header.

ADF Mobile: the Access Control Service [March 2014]
by Frederic Desbiens
In order to enable applications to obtain the roles and privileges of a specific user, you need to implement a REST web service called the Access Control Service. Frederic Desbiens shows you how.

Why Use a Service Bus in Oracle Mobile Suite? [February 2014]
by Jeff Davies
There is more to mobile than just mobile devices. There must be support for emerging and future trends in mobile computing. The last thing anyone wants to do is to have to re-write their enterprise systems to support mobile technologies. Jeff Davies offers examples of how Oracle Service Bus fits into the Mobile picture.

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