Enterprise Management Articles


Advanced Usage of the AWR Warehouse  [Sept 2014]
by Kellyn Pot'vin
An overview of the impressive features that a centralized AWR Warehouse offers the IT Business and how to effectively query the AWRW Repository.

Managing Expressly  [July 2014]
by Arup Nanda
Manage Oracle Database 12c with Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express, a built-in browser-based graphical tool.

Back Up a Thousand Databases using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c  [January 2014]
by Porus Homi Havewala
Learn how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c as a faster and more efficient alternative to Unix shell scripting and cron jobs for backing up multiple databases.

Set Up and Manage Oracle Data Guard using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c [August 2013]
by Porus Homi Havewala
Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c's Oracle Data Guard setup and management capabilities to control downtime and simplify disaster recovery.

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c with Filer Snapshotting [December 2012]
by Porus Homi Havewala
This concise technical article includes a script for database backup using snapshots and cataloging in RMAN.

Ease the Chaos with Automated Patching: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c  [October 2012]
by Porus Homi Havewala
This article is excerpted from the book Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Center Chaos, from Packt Publishing.

The Joy of Overriding [April 2012]
by Daniel Amadei
Overriding system property names in Oracle Coherence is a very simple yet powerful approach to letting multiple nodes exist in a single JVM without conflicts.

Crossing the Chasm Between Developers and DBAs [March 2012]
by Mike Cuppett 
Why patience, information sharing, and collaboration can lead to faster and more comprehensive performance improvements.

Certify Your Expertise [Oct. 2011]
by TJ Palazzolo
Test your Oracle WebLogic Server mettle, and gain valuable credibility.

The DBA’s Guide to Setting Up Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle Data Guard [July 2011]
by Martin Bach
With these guidelines, using Oracle RAC One Node in conjunction with Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery is a straightforward task.

Series: Oracle Exadata Command Reference
[June 2011]
by Arup Nanda
In this four-part guide, DBAs will learn all the commands necessary to administer the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, especially the storage-related commands.

How To: Use JRuby with JMX for Oracle WebLogic Server 11g [Apr. 2011]
by Pas Apicella
Learn how to use the JRuby programming language with JMX to query an Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Release 1 managed server to display runtime information on the instance.

How To: Use a JRuby Script to Verify an Oracle RAC Setup using SCAN [Apr. 2011]
by Pas Apicella
Learn how to use Oracle Universal Connection Pool and Oracle JDBC's failover capabilities from a simple JRuby script.

How To: Set up a Data Source within Tomcat 6.0 using Oracle Universal Connection Pool [Apr. 2011]
by Pas Apicella
Learn how to setup a Data Source within Tomcat 6.0 using Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP) as the Data Source implementation.

How to XQuery Non-JDBC Sources from JDBC [Mar. 2011]
by Yuli Vasiliev
Learn to use XQuery from within JDBC code to access data in non-JDBC sources.

Provision Your Oracle RAC Systems Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
[Jan. 2011]
by Porus Homi Havewala
Learn how to seamlessly provision multi-node Oracle RAC systems in a totally automated manner - including provisioning of RAC databases.

Overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Packs
[Dec. 2010]
by Porus Homi Havewala
How does Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control do so much across so many different systems? The answer is through the use of licensable Management Packs, Monitoring Plug-ins, and Connectors. This article provides an overview of how all the pieces fit together.

Manage Mass Provisioning Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
[Nov. 2010]
by Porus Homi Havewala
Learn how to provision literally hundreds or even thousands of systems using the mass provisioning techniques described here.

Managing Audit Trails
by Arup Nanda
Relocate the audit trail to a different tablespace and set up an automatic purge process to keep its size under control.

Mask Your Secrets Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
by Porus Homi Havewala
Getting started with the Oracle Data Masking Pack.

Easy Disaster Proof Production [8-Jan-2010]
by Porus Havewala
Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control for Data Guard setup, management (including switchover or failover), and monitoring can save a lot of time and resources.

Overview of Performance Tuning Tools in Oracle Fusion Middleware
[Jan. 2010]
by Olaf Heimburger
Oracle Fusion Middleware comes with a great toolset for investigating suspicious application behavior.

Patch a Thousand Databases, Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control [3-Sept-2009]
by Porus Havewala
Get a tour of the automated patching capabilities now available to Oracle DBAs.

Scripting Oracle RMAN Commands [19-Aug-2009]
by Arup Nanda
Learn how to create and automate scripts to execute common recovery tasks.

Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Rel 5 on Oracle Database 11g and Linux [9-July-2009]
by Mike Revitt
Install Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Rel 5 against an existing Oracle 11g database on Oracle Enterprise Linux version 5, step by step..

Oracle RMAN Backups: Pushing the "Easy" Button [April 2009]
by Porus Havewala
How to redesign the setup and scheduling of Oracle RMAN backups the "easy" way, using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Architecture for Very Large Sites [March 2009]
by Porus Havewala
Need to guarantee high scalability for Enterprise Manager Grid Control? This architecture, described by Oracle ACE Director Porus Homi Havewala based on real-world experiences, may be for you.

Encrypting Tablespaces [18-Dec-2008]
by Arup Nanda
Encrypt tablespaces transparently—without affecting performance.

More Ways to Flash Back [01-Sep-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
Query history and recover from corruptions with Oracle Flashback technology.

Document, Monitor, and Manage [01-Sep-2008]
by Sue Harper
Take advantage of new features in Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.

Using Database Advisors [23-June-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
Get advice on key management challenges and improve performance in Oracle Database 11g.

Managing History [23-June-2008]
by Jonathan Gennick
Oracle Total Recall enables users to find, track, and use past and present information

Back Up and Recover [01-May-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
New backup and recovery features in Oracle Database 11g save time and data.

Visualize Your Oracle Database Data with JChart [02-Nov-2007]
by Dustin Marx and Michael G. Martin
Use the open-source JFreeChart tool to easily plot your Oracle database data in a wide selection of high-quality chart types.

More Partitioning Choices [17-Aug-2007]
by Arup Nanda
Learn when and how to use new partitioning schemes in Oracle Database 11g.

Embedded Java Persistence [17-Mar-2007]
by Jonathan Gennick
Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition provides painless persistence to Java objects.

Recover in a Flash [17-Jan-2007]
by Arup Nanda
Reduce database recovery time, using the Oracle flash recovery area.

When Microseconds Count [26-Oct-2006]
by Jonathan Gennick
The Oracle TimesTen in-memory database is always ready.

Restore to the Point [26-Oct-2006]
by Arup Nanda
Use named points in time to roll your database back by using flashback query.

Become a Master [28-Aug-2006]
by Aradhana Puri
Step up from Oracle Certified Professional to Oracle Certified Master.

Secure Search Returns Best Results [28-Aug-2006]
by Ron Hardman
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search provides the right intranet search.

Using Oracle Grid Control with Filer Snapshotting [July 2006]
by Porus Havewala

Commanding ASM [01-Mar-2006]
by Arup Nanda
Access, transfer, and administer ASM files without SQL commands.

Faster Batch Processing [01-Mar-2006]
by Mark Rittman
LOG ERRORS handles errors quickly and simplifies batch loading.

Auditing in XML [01-Jan-2006]
by Arup Nanda
Create database audit trails in XML.

New Features for Oracle8i OCPs [01-Jan-2006]
by Aradhana Puri
Upgrade from Oracle8i OCP to Oracle Database 10g OCP in one exam.