Inside Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 10g: The Top 20 Features for DBAs
by Arup Nanda Oracle ACE

Join Oracle ACE Arup Nanda over the next 20 weeks as he presents his list of the top Oracle Database 10g features for database administrators

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Over the last 27 years, Oracle has made tremendous improvements in its core database product. Now, that product is not only the world's most reliable and performant database, but also part of a complete software infrastructure for enterprise computing. With each new release comes a sometimes dizzying display of new capabilities and features, sometimes leaving developers, IT managers, and even seasoned DBAs wondering which new features will benefit them most.

With the introduction of Oracle Database 10g, DBAs will have in their hands one of the most profound new releases ever from Oracle. So, DBAs who take the time to understand the proper application of new Oracle technology to their everyday jobs will enjoy many time-saving, and ultimately, money-saving new capabilities.

Oracle Database 10g offers many new tools that help DBAs work more efficiently (and perhaps more enjoyably), freeing them for more strategic, creative endeavors—not to mention their nights and weekends. Oracle Database 10g really is that big of a deal for DBAs.

Over the new 20 weeks, I will help you through the ins and outs of this powerful new release by presenting what I consider to be the top 20 new Oracle Database 10g features for database administration tasks. This list ranges from the rudimentary, such as setting a default tablespace for creating users, to the advanced, such as the new Automatic Storage Management feature.

In this series, I will provide brief, focused analyses of these interesting new tools and techniques. The goal is to outline the functions and benefits of the feature so that you can put it into action in your environment as quickly as possible.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, and questions about this series. Enjoy!

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Week 1— Flashback Versions Query
Week 2— Rollback Monitoring
Week 3— Tablespace Management
Week 4— Oracle Data Pump
Week 5— Flashback Table
Week 6— Automatic Workload Repository
Week 7— SQL*Plus Rel 10.1
Week 8— Automatic Storage Management
Week 9— RMAN
Week 10— Auditing
Week 11— Wait Interface
Week 12— Materialized Views
Week 13— Enterprise Manager 10g
Week 14— Virtual Private Database
Week 15— Automatic Segment Management
Week 16— Transportable Tablespaces
Week 17— Automatic Shared Memory Management
Week 18— ADDM and SQL Tuning Advisor
Week 19— Scheduler
Week 20— Best of the Rest

 Release 2 Features Addendum

Arup Nanda Arup Nanda (, Manager Database Systems at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, has been an Oracle DBA for more than 10 years and was named "DBA of the Year" by Oracle Magazine in 2003. Arup is a frequent speaker and writer in Oracle-related events and journals, a member of the New York Oracle User Group Executive Committee, and an Oracle ACE. He co-authored the book Oracle Privacy Security Auditing (Rampant TechPress).