Developing Rich Enterprise Applications with Oracle ADF (On-Demand)

These on-demand online presentations and hands-on workshops are an efficient way to jumpstart your learning. A broadband connection is recommended for viewing session recordings. 
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Sessions & Demos

Keynote: Rich Enterprise Applications (~30 mins)
Bill Pataky, VP of Product Management, Tools & Frameworks
Rich Web UI made simple – an ADF Faces Overview
Dana Singleterry, Principal Product Manager, Oracle JDeveloper & Oracle ADF

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Next Generation Controller for JSF
Shay Shmeltzer, Sr. Group Manager, Oracle JDeveloper & Oracle ADF
From Forms to ADF – When, Why and How?
Grant Ronald, Senior Group Product Manager, Application Development Tools
Developing for Mobile Devices with Oracle ADF
Joe Huang, Senior Principal Product Manager, Mobile Development Platform
ADF Binding Internals
Shaun O’Brien, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Development Tools
Advanced ADF Faces - Skinning and JavaScript
Frank Nimphius, Senior Principal Product Manager
Starting an Enterprise ADF Project
Sten Vesterli, Oracle ACE Director
The bit every one forgets: Unit testing your ADF applications with JUnit
John Stegeman, Oracle ACE Director
ADF Security in a Project-Centric Environment - An ADF Case Study
JeanMarc Desvaux, Oracle ACE Director
Introduction to Developing with Oracle WebCenter
Peter Moskovits, Product Mangement
Build Killer Sites with Oracle WebCenter
Kundan Vyas, Sr. Product Manager
Building Process Centric Applications with ADF and BPM
Manoj Das, Sr. Director, BPM Suite Product Management

Hands-on Lab (Oracle VM VirtualBox Required)

Hands-on Lab Introduction (3 mins)
Hands-on Lab Document for JDeveloper and ADF (PDF)
Hands-on Lab Document for WebCenter (PDF)
Hands-on Lab Instructions




Session or Lab Abstract
LAB: Web Applications with Oracle WebCenter

Lab Document PDF
On-demand Lab Intro
In this hands-on lab, you will use the latest version of Oracle WebCenter and Oracle JDeveloper to build out the structure of a custom portal without coding a single line of Java. You will work in both design time and runtime to understand page hierarchies, pages, page styles, and page templates. You will also use Oracle Composer and other Oracle WebCenter components to build out the pages.

LAB: Web Applications with ADF Part 1 & 2

Lab Document PDF - JDEV VBOX version

Lab Document PDF - WC VBOX version

On-demand Lab Intro

Learn how to build a rich Internet application that interacts with a database. You'll be using Oracle JDeveloper 11g  and build your first Oracle ADF application. In the process you'll work with Oracle ADF Business Components, Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components and Oracle ADF Task Flows.

Hands on Lab general requirements Virtual Box software requirements
• Broadband Connection (DSL or better) for downloading the VirtualBox images and watching session intro recordings • VirtualBox 4.0 + the appliance
• Any OS that VirtualBox supports (see note on WebCenter)
• A freeware HTTP download manager like BitComet • JDEV/ADF = 2GB RAM+, 4GB recommended
• WebCenter = 3GB RAM+, 6GB recommended
  WebCenter recommends Win 7 64bit, Linux, MacOS, XP
• MD5 checksum utility like WinMD5 (linux is built in) • JDEV/ADF =  ~8 GB disk for compressed appliance
• WebCenter = ~8 GB disk for image
• JDEV/ADF =  ~12 GB disk for compressed image
• WebCenter =  ~24 GB disk for image 

Hands on Labs: Virtual Box Setup


If you have < 4GB RAM or if you are interested ONLY in the "LAB - Web Applications with ADF" please follow these instructions to use this specific VirtualBox image, which contains the resources for this lab only. There is also a local install option for those that already have JDEV and Oracle Database 10gXE.   .

If you are interested in the "Web Applications with ADF Part 1 / Part 2" and the "Web Applications with Oracle WebCenter", please follow these instructions to use this specific VirtualBox image, which contains the resources for all the labs.  Note this lab  recommends 6GB RAM and requires 30GB of disk.  .