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Oracle ACE Spotlight Mike Riley, Oracle ACEMikeRiley

Mike Riley is a Project Manager / DBA with Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits. He is an anomaly in this industry, having spent 24 years at his current job. He started his Oracle career by converting data from a Wang System to an Oracle Database Version 5, and using Oracle Forms version 2.3. Mike is always looking for ways to make his job easier, and in spite of minimal knowledge of Perl, created a tool to generate Perl code for batch jobs without having to actually code any Perl.

Mike is deeply (his wife would say too deeply) involved with ODTUG, having served in several roles including 2008 Conference Chair, Vice President, President, and now serving as conference chair for KScope in 2013 and 2014. He lists two things among his greatest accomplishments for the group: its commitment to the Hyperion community, which has proven to be a very vibrant and healthy community addition to ODTUG, and its focus on quality and balance in its flagship conference, KScope, which strikes a tremendous balance of learning, networking, giving back to the community, and fun!

When Mike is not at work or involved with ODTUG, his family gets the remainder of his time. He is very thankful for their support and sacrifices that they have made to allow him to fulfill his obligations with work and ODTUG. Mike loves to read, and escapes by often finding a good work of fiction to curl up with.

Oracle ACE Program News

Welcome New Oracle ACEs

Initiated February-March 2013

Name Location Focus
Srini Chavali United States Apps
Ye Jinrong China MySQL
Kellyn Pot'Vin United Sttates DB
Peter Raganitsch Austria DB
Brendan Tierney Ireland BI
Jame Tong China DB
Marco Tusa Canada MySQL
Yury Velikanov Australia Apps
Xiangxuan Xu China OFM
Haichao Yang China MySQL


UKOUG Apps Conference | Oct 14-16, 2013 | London
Submission Deadline: Fri, April 5

Oracle OpenWorld | Sep 22-26, 2013 | San Francisco
Submission Deadline: Fri, April 12

JavaOne | Sep 22-26, 2013 | San Francisco
Submission Deadline: Fri, April 12

Latin America OTN Tour | Jul-Aug, 2013 | Various Cities in LAD
Contact Francisco Munoz Alvarez for more details.
Submission Deadline: TBD

DOAG Fall Conference | Nov 19-21, 2013 | Nuremberg
Submission Deadline: Sat, June 15

Collaborate 2013: Oracle ACE Dinner

The Oracle ACE program will be hosting all Oracle ACE and ACE Directors to a casual diinner during Collaborate 13. See below for details.

Oracle ACE dinner at Collaborate 13
Date: Sunday, April 7, 2013, 7:00pm
Location: Maggiano's Little Italy
500 16th St Ste 150 (Denver Pavilions Mall)
Denver CO 80202
RSVP by April 3 to Vikki Lira (if you haven't already done so).

Save the Date: NoCOUG Spring Conference

The NoCOUG spring conference will be held Wed, May 22 in the San Francisco bay area. You wouldn't want to miss this event as there will be several expert speakers, including OTN's own Todd Trichler, DBA/Developer Community Manager. Please contact conference director and ACE Director Ben Prusinski for more details.

Join us for this on-demand Webcast, “Data Warehousing Trends for 2013”

Our panel of experts including an analyst from IDC and an Oracle customer will share their experiences and real-life examples as they discuss the top 10 data warehousing trends for 2013. How will these trends affect you? Register for the Webcast and find out.

Is KScope 2013 in your Summer Plans?

Don't miss out! Join the 24 ACEs and 23 ACE Directors that will be speaking this year at KScope13, June 23-27 in New Orleans, LA, and chaired by Oracle ACE Mike Riley.


Oracle's Live Webcast: British Telecom on Customer

Research from The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Oracle, found that disruptive technologies are key to innovation: cloud, mobile, social, big data. Learn more about the research and gain insights from interviews with global companies, including a British Telecom executive who shares innovations around great customer experience. Watch Innovator's Playbook, Tue, April 9.

Call for Content: Oracle Scene 50th edition is now open

This will be the 50th edition Oracle Scene and will be published mid June. The deadline for content submissions is midnight on Friday, April 18th. Click here to see what topics they are looking to cover however, the list is not exhaustive and other content submitted will be considered.

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Oracle ACE Watch


- UKOUG Magazine Oracle Scene: Database Virtualization and Instant Cloning (p26) written by Oracle ACE Kyle Hailey

- Professional Software Development using Oracle Application Express written by Oracle ACE Rob van Wijk

- Dutch IT magazine: A seven part series on the OTN Yathra Tour 2013 and IT in India written by ACE Director Lucas Jellema (in Dutch)


MySQL Stored Routines Debugger & Debugging API: Sneak Peek II created by Oracle ACE Shlomi Noach

Blog Post: ADF, Oracle SQL and more posts by ACE Director Lucas Jellema

- ADF: (re-)Introducing Contextual Events in several simple steps

- Oracle SQL – Finding free adjacent seats in an airplane, using Subquery Factoring, Analytical Functions (LISTAGG and LEAD), Outer Join, PIVOT and good old INSTR

- Out of the box usage of ADF DVT Scheduling Gantt Chart to report Database Query Results using stacked bar charts per time period

- Oracle SQL – spotting combinations that occur and those that do not – demonstrating Analytical Functions, Outer Join and SubQuery Factoring

- Oracle SQL: Using subquery factoring in an INSERT statement

- How Oracle Database uses internal locks to make statement level constraint validation robust at the transaction level

Blog Post: When 'FREE' costs more in the long run: Why WebCenter often costs less then SharePoint - despite the stunning license price difference

Are you clear on the Great and the Ugly of WebCenter and SharePoint - enough to recommend one over the other for an enterprise-wide deployment? Feeling that your company has made a mistake by picking the wrong product? Or simply wondering "what if... ?" Check out this 2 page mini-whitepaper written by Oracle ACE Dmitri Khanine for some answers. It’s a quick read, that may shock and excite you.

Blog Post : Exadata Optimization Tips

Where do I start with Oracle if I want to be a DBA? written by Oracle ACE Kyle Hailey

Blog Post: Amazon EC2 - RDS quick comparison

Oracle ACE Marco Tusa provides a review of the real status about Amazon RDS in comparison with EC2.

Blog Post: Possible Data Corruption, ORA-600 on RAC Instances Shutdown

ACE Director Syed Jaffar Hussain discusses how a typical RAC instance shutdown sometimes can lead to data corruption and produces senescence of ORA-600 and what is the recommended RAC instance/database shutdown procedure to avoid the issue.

If you are planning a Database 11g upgrade with downgrade in mind, you will might find these tips provided by Syed helpful.


Blog Post: 5-Part Series on Oracle Clustering

ACE Director Brendan Tierney has published a series of 5 blog posts on how to do Clustering using the Oracle Data Miner Tool and how to do Clustering using the ODM SQL and PL/SQL functions. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Another post by Brendan will help determine whether you are a Type I or a Type II Data Scientist. Find out here.



Blog Post: Using Production Data for Testing

Daily DBA tasks, dealing with development environment and refresing using production data... is this a good idea? Production Data contains sensitive information and should not be shared with unauthorized people. Read this post, including data research on security, provided by Oracle ACE Osama Mustafa.

Blog Post: CBO 10053 Trace Files Series

A series of posts provided by ACE Director Doug Burns on what he thinks is the most important reason to use 10053 trace files.

Blog Post: Bash Script to Upload RMAN Backups via FTP

Oracle ACE Gokhan Atil shares a small bash script which calls an SQL script to queries RMAN backups and demonstrates some interesting methods such as handling arrays returned from SQLPLus.

Blog Post: Convert JSON to XML/SOAP (in Spanish)

A common occurance these days, Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco provides a guide to converting JSON to XML/SOAP using Oracle Service Bus.

In a different post, he shares an introduction to Oracle ADF Mobile.





Blog Post: Debugging Data Pump session

While importing a dump file, it can sometimes be a long process. ACE Director, Kamran Agayev, shares his command solution he runs to import the dump file into the new database.

Blog Post: What is the Oracle Cloud Really?

If you ever wondered what is the big deal around Oracle Cloud Service, you'll want to read this post written by ACE Director Markus Eisele. He explains it well and also provides an example on how to use JAX-RS with Jersey on the Oracle Cloud Service

Another interesting post Markus shares is about Test driving Java API for Processing JSON with GlassFish 4.0.

Blog Post: Installing Oracle Business Transaction Monitoring

Oracle ACE Rob Zoeteweij created virtual Servers and describes the installation process of BTS in his latest post.

Rob continues to share his knowledge on EM 12c, this post describes how to setup Database as a Service using EM12c DB Plugin

Blog Post: Pseudo Cursors and Invisible SQL

Do you ever wonder why Oracle Enterprise Manager and AWR reports show the SQL text for some SQL IDs as not available? ACE Director Julian Dontcheff provides an explanation in his latest post.

Here's another good read by Julian on the definition of "The Oracle Platform Administrator".

Blog Post: Cost Free Joins

In this two-part post, ACE Director Randolf Geist first demonstrates an unexpected Nested Loop Join caused by an extreme data distribution. In the latter, he presents another case of an unexpected execution plan, this time about Merge Joins.

Blog Post: Oracle Background Process Killed

Oracle ACE Asif Momen demonstrates how to connect to the Oracle Database even if background processes are k.illed

Blog Post: Adding HINTS in ODI

Read this post written by Gurcan Orhan as he explains how to implement adding Oracle HINTS and Variable HINTS into ODI (static and dynamic).



Blog Post: How to Implement Fusion Applications

Oracle ACE Alex Antonatos shares his knowledge on Oracle Fusion by answering questions and providing a visual diagram on the steps required to implement an instance of fusion applications.

He also provides a whiteboard animation video discussing Fusion Financial and HCM Apps benefits.


Free Webinar: Managing & Troubleshooting Cluster - 360 degrees Presented by: ACE Director Syed Jaffar Hussain. (April 24, 2013)


New Book: Managing Multimedia and Unstructured Data in the Oracle Database authored by ACE Director Marcelle Kratochvil (Available Now)


New Book: Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications co-authored by ACE Director Roel Hartman, David Peake and Christian Rokitta (Available Now)


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Oracle ACE Out and About

  • Speaking at Collaborate (Apr 2013)
    Over 50+ ACE and ACE Directors
  • Speaking at OUGF (Apr 2013)
    Daniel Morgan - ACE Director, DB
    Piet de Visser - Oracle ACE, DB
    Alex Nuijten - ACE Director, DB
    Debra Lilley - ACE Director, Apps
    Julien Dontcheff - ACE Director, DB
    Doug Burns - ACE Director, DB
    Ami Aharonovich - Oracle ACE, DB
    Oded Raz - ACE Director, Security
    Timo Raitalaakso - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at OUG Norway (Apr 2013)
    Daniel Morgan - ACE Director, DB
    Martin Bach - Oracle ACE, DB
    Kai Yu - ACE Director, DB
    Doug Burns - ACE Director, DB
    Lonneke Dikmans - ACE Director, OFM
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director, OFM/Java
    Roel Hartman - ACE Director, DB
    Simon Haslam - ACE Director, OFM
    Ronald van Luttikhuizen - ACE Director, OFM
    Cary Millsap - ACE Director, DB
    Peter Raganitsch - ACE Director, DB
    Mark Rittman - ACE Director, BI
    Brendan Tierney - ACE Director, BI
    Sten Vesterli - ACE Director, OFM
    Martin Widlake - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at UKOUG Engineered Systems Summit (Apr 2013)
    Tanel Poder - ACE Director, DB
    Andy Colvin
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Martin Bach
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Jason Arneil
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Husnu Sensoy
    - ACE Director, DB
    Mark Rittman
    - ACE Director, BI
  • Speaking at APEX World OGh (Apr 2013)
    Learco Brizz (+organizer) - Oracle ACE, DB
    Rob van Wijk - Oracle ACE, DB
    Dimitri Gielis - ACE Director, DB
    Peter Raganitsch - ACE Director, DB
    John Scott - ACE Director, DB
    Roel Hartman - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Percona Live (Apr 2013)
    Marco Tusa - Oracle ACE, MySQL
    Giuseppe Maxia - ACE Director, MySQL
    Patrick Galbraith - Oracle ACE, MySQL
    Ronald Bradford - ACE Director, MySQL
    Shlomi Noach
    - Oracle ACE, MySQL
  • Speaking at Oracle WebLogic Partner Seminar Brisbane (Apr 2013)
    Dennis Remmer - Oracle ACE, OFM
  • Speaking at UKOUG EMEA Peoplesoft Roadshow (Apr 2013)
    Graham Smith (+organizer) - ACE Director, Apps
    David Kurtz - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Miracle OpenWorld (May 2013)
    Mogens Norgaard - ACE Director, DB
    Alex Gorbachev - ACE Director, DB
    Cary Millsap - ACE Director, DB
    James Morle - ACE Director, DB
    Kellyn Pot'Vin - Oracle ACE, DB
    Tim Gorman - ACE Director, DB
    Kyle Hailey - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Great Lakes Oracle Conference (May 2013)
    Kyle Hailey - Oracle ACE, DB
    Kai Yu - ACE Director, DB
    Susan Behn - Oracle ACE, Apps
    Mark Bobak - Oracle ACE, DB
    Craig Shallahamer - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Rittman Read BI Forum (May 2013)
    Mark Rittman (+organizer) - ACE Director, BI
    Cary Millsap - ACE Director, DB
    Stewart Bryson - Oracle ACE, BI
    Jeff McQuigg - Oracle ACE, BI
    Christian Screen - Oracle ACE, BI
    Venkat J - Oracle ACE, BI
  • Speaking at BGOUG (May 2013)
    Julian Dontcheff - ACE Director, DB
    Joze Senegacnik - ACE Director, DB
    Dan Morgan - ACE Director, DB
    Tim Hall - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Planboard DBA Symposium (May 2013)
    Roel Hartman - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at DOAG Database Conference (May 2013)
    Christian Trieb - ACE Director, DB
    Johannes Ahrends - Oracle ACE, DB
Architect Corner

Video: The Oracle ACE Cookbook: Lewis Cunningham

Sometimes a cookbook is just a cookbook! Oracle ACE Director Lewis Cunningham talks about his collection of actual food recipes from members of the Oracle ACE community, and shares his thoughts on how the database world has changed since he first started blogging about it eight years ago. Watch the video.

Video: Keeping SOA Simple


Oracle ACE Directors Lonneke Dikmans and Ronald van Luttikhuizen talk about their new book, SOA Made Simple (Packt Publishing, 2012). Watch the video.

Video: Lucas Jellema on SOA, Events, BPM, and Oracle ADF


Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema, CTO for AMIS Systems, talks about his latest OTN article, shares insight on SOA, BPM, Oracle ADF, and discusses his participation in the OTN Yathra Tour in India. Watch the video.

What Really Matters in 2013?



Oracle ACE Directors Alex Gorbachev and Ron Batra participate in a panel discussion that gets beyond the hype to talk about the trends and technologies that will really matter in 2013. Listen to the podcast.


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