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Oracle ACE Spotlight Daniel Morgan , Oracle ACE DirectorDanielMorgan

Daniel Morgan is the Morgan behind Morgan's Library on the web.

In 2009 Morgan retired from teaching at the University of Washington where he developed the Oracle academic program and had been its primary instructor since 1998. In addition to his work at UW he also served as an advisor to the outreach program at the University of California Berkeley, has been a consultant to Harvard University, and has been a guest lecturer on Oracle at the University of Oslo (Norway) and the University of Canterbury (New Zealand).

Morgan is a member of the Board of Directors of the Western Washington Oracle Users Group, a member of the executive boards for the Vancouver and Victoria Oracle Users Groups in Canada and a former Chair of the Washington Software Association's Database Special Interest Group.

These days Morgan splits his time between his consulting practice, travelling to technical conferences, and sailing his cutter Self Inflicted.

Morgan's primary interests, other than Oracle databases, are hard-core sciences, he was classically trained as an organic chemist, and sailing. This summer he presented at the Metal Boat Society conference in Anacortes Washington and is making plans for a sail to the South Pacific.

Oracle ACE Program News

Welcome New Oracle ACEs

Initiated October 2012

Name Location Focus
Bambi Price Australia Apps
Michel Schildmeijer Netherlands OFM
Hiroshi Sekiguchi Japan DB
Ryota Watabe Japan DB
Takahiro Yamada Japan OFM


NZOUG | Mar 18-19, 2013 | Wellington, New Zealand
Submission Deadline: Jan 31

Dutch Oracle Usergroup | Feb 12, 2013 | City TBD, Netherlands
Submission Deadline: TBD

Is Oracle OpenWorld 2012 San Francisco Already Over?

For several months, the most talked about subject by the Oracle community was Oracle OpenWorld 2012. And then it happend in late Sep/early Oct and now it's done, gone, history!

This year, the event was climactic in so many ways - the announcements, the sessions, the networking & social media, music festivals, parties, and of course the community! When we say "Community" that would be YOU. It would not have been as successful without all of you. Several of you were speakers, some came to network, others just partied, but all of you came for at least one common reason... to reconnect with fellow ACEs and build an even stronger ACE presence in the community. We saw it and it was powerful!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in San Francisco. It was an honor to see you and was great catching up. For those who were unable to make it this year, save the date for Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Sep 22-26.

Get access to all OpenWorld content including keynote/session videos on demand, session presentations and more... even if you were not in attendance. Also, click here to view blog posts, videos and pictures shared by the ACE community.

But wait... if you're in LAD or APAC, there will be regional Oracle OpenWorld events coming soon in your area...

- Oracle OpenWorld Latin America, Dec 4-6, 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil
- Oracle OpenWorld Asia, Date/Location TBD

Stay Connected!

Congrats to Todd and Links to DATABASE Social Media Profiles

Many of you know Todd Trichler as the Installfest, hands-on lab leader, the Oracle Database ambassador, or the guy with a voice that projects (announcing raffle winners at OpenWorld:). Whatever walk you have done with Todd, he will now start his walk down a new path.

Please help us congratulate Todd in his new role as OTN's Database and Developer community lead. His primary focus will involve working with the DB product teams as well as the community to provide DB related content on OTN.

If you have a technical blog, twitter handle or other social media profiles where you post about database backed technology, please email Todd those links or DM him @otnTodd. The goal is to start highlighting more and more community generated content on OTN, so if it uses a database, (especially if it deals with cloud, social, mobile, best practices, performance, security or bigdata) let's connect. (Do NOT send links to personal accounts).

Registration Now Open for UKOUG Conferences

Registration for UKOUG is open and several ACE and ACE Director speakers and participants will be at UKOUG 2012, Dec 3-5, Birmingham. Tweet and follow #ukoug2012.

Got a story that would appeal to fellow Oracle professionals? Get it published with UKOUG. Submit an article by Jan 11, 2013. More details here. Don't have time to write a full article? Submit an abridged version instead for the UKOUG website.

IOUG SELECT Journal - Call for Submissions

IOUG’s SELECT Journal is now accepting submissions on the topic of Database Manageability for its Q1 issue. Please send your submissions to  

Data Integration Breakthroughs: Bridging the Gap in Big Data, Cloud, and Real-time

Today’s businesses cannot stand still when it comes to data. Market success now depends on speed, volume, complexity, and keeping pace with the latest data integration breakthroughs. Are you up to speed on big data, cloud integration, real-time analytics, and continuous availability solutions? Attend this webcast to learn more about complete and modern solutions for solving these challenges.

Oracle ADF Mobile, Now Available!

Oracle ADF Mobile is an HTML5 and Java mobile development framework that enables developers to build and extend enterprise applications for iOS and Android from a single code base. Available Now!

New ADF Tutorial for Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE)

New ADF/Eclipse tutorial, Using ADF Faces and ADF Controller with Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, is now available showcasing ADF support within OEPE.     

Heat. Downtime. Site-wide outages. Legacy hardware. Security holes.

These are all threats to your data center. Yet what if you could vanquish them to simplify your IT and accelerate business innovation and growth? Play Oracle Vanquisher, a new data center optimization video game and find out how! Armed with a cool Oracle vacuum pack suit and a strategic IT roadmap, you will thwart threats and optimize your data center to increase your company’s stock price and boost your company’s position. Play now!

Webcast: Real-World Benefits of Private Cloud

Watch this on-demand Webcast to hear how private clouds could impact your business. Oracle and Crimson Consulting Group discuss how early adopters of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c have achieved agility and productivity benefits. Register Today.

Interested in Writing?

If you have the enthusiasm for communicating technical ideas and concepts, have a valuable experience or a technical skill that you're keen to share with readers, you should give serious consideration to authoring a book or becoming a technical reviewer. Please contact for more details

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What's Cooking, ACEs?

If you like to cook, then this will be the book for you!. Submit your favorite recipe(s) to be included in a free cookbook that will comprise of recipies from the Oracle ACE community. ACE Director Lewis Cunningham is leading this effort. Contact Lewis for more details.

New Article: BPA Suite to BPEL: A case study in the ODTUG Technical Quarter

In this article written by ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans, she describes project experience, insights, and lessons learned from using Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite from design, development, and licensing perspectives.

New Article: The secret of Fusion success: Middleware Administration

ACE Director Lucas Jellema addresses administration in the world of Oracle Fusion Middleware in this article. What does it ential, what are the key challenges, and what are the steps that contribute to successful implementation.

New Article: Oracle Grid and Oracle RAC (in Spanish)

Three new articles written by Oracle ACE Francisco Riccio on the following topics: Oracle RAC One Node 11gR2, Oracle Grid Naming Service and Implementation of Oracle RAC 11gR2 on e-Business Suite R12.

Video Training Course: Introduction to Oracle Database 11g Administration LiveLessons

Watch this video with host Oracle ACE Michael McLaughlin as he provides a complete introductory training course covering the basic architecture, roles, and processes of being an Oracle Database Administrator.

Read Michael's latest blog entry with an example of how to use a lookup table in the database.  

Blog Post: Extracting Rules from a ODM Decision Tree

There are 7 simple steps you can follow to extract Decision Tree rules successfully. Read them in Oracle ACE Brendan Tierney's blog.

He also provides some insight into what new features might be coming in the "Next Release" of Oracle Advanced Analytics Option 12c.   

Blog Post: New Version of XPLAN ASH Utility

In this post written by ACE Director Randolf Geist, he provides a long list of changes to the new version of XPLAN ASH Utility, particularly about Real-Time SQL Monitoring and Parrallel Execution.

Blog Post: Notable Changes in

ACE Director Syed Jaffar Hussain shares how he accidentally discovered adding new instance to an existing RAC database was simply made in

Blog Post: BPM and SOA are Joined at the Hip

In the post, Oracle ACE Alex Antonatos provides 5 tips to help with your Enterprise Data Governance. Read more here.

Blog Post: MySQL 5.6 and RANGE Partitioning

ACE Director Shlomi Noach provides in his blog the users perspective of MySQL 5.6. If you use RANGE partitioning, then you may be subjected to these questions about magical RANGE partitioning maintenance query in Shlomi's post.   

Blog Post: Moving your APEX App to the Oracle Cloud

Now that the Oracle Cloud is publicly available, ACE Director Dimitri Gielis shows you what it takes to put your APEX application on there.   

Blog Post: Custom XSLT Function Creation (in Spanish)

If you are in the situation of creating your own XSLT functions for SOA SUITE development, read this post written by Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco for some helpful tips. Rolando also shares bug reports for the Service Registry installation and how to resolve it.   

Blog Post: The Art of Being a Successful DBA...

A two- part blog post on Paranoid DBA Best Practices written by Oracle ACE Chris Foot.   

Blog Post: ADF Essentials Security Implementation for Glassfish Deployment

ADF Essentials includes all but one key ADF technology - ADF Security. This is related to ADF Security technical implementation dependency on WebLogic security, but the lack of ADF Security support is not a show stopper. Learn from ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis blog post how to enable the JAAS security model.

Blog Post: Hyperion Views and Insights

ACE Director Eric Helmer is a Hyperion guru and in his latest blog posts, he shares his views and insights on the following topics:
- Hyperion Planning in the Oracle Cloud – is it right for you?
- What’s New and What’s Coming – the Rumor Mill
- Oracle OpenWorld EPM Claims and Recaps
- Oracle Business Analytics Direction

Blog Post: Heros of Java Series Continues with...

Angelika Langer, an independent instructor, coach, and author on C++ and Java. This is ACE Director Markus Eisele's 20th guest of the Heroes of Java series.

Markus shares several other interesting posts including:

- New Article in German iX Magazine: Java Batch: Many Java programmers think of batch processing as a relic of bygone days. The associated tasks, however, are still valid and seep slowly out of a mainframe area in the Java EE world. Standard and frameworks for this are still rare.
- PrimeFaces Push with Atmosphere on GlassFish Demo's the new Push features of PrimeFaces on the latest GlassFish Server
- Oracle Public Cloud Java Service Development Tools: Unveils the secrets around Oracle's Java Service and the development Tools. This includes Maven, ANT and the CLI.
- Oracle and Maven - A Love Story Out of the Ordinary
A lengthy answer to the question: Where is Maven within Oracle? A response to an article published in DZone.
- Running RichFaces on WebLogic 12c: A short how-to guide about running RedHat's JSF component suite on latest WebLogic 12c server.

Blog Post: The effect of ASM redundancy/parity on read/write IOPS – SLOB test case! for Exadata and non-Exa environments

This post details on the ASM redundancy/parity effect on IOPS… if… by changing the ASM redundancy (external, normal, and high) will it decrease the workload read/write IOPS or stay as is. Oracle ACE Karl Arao walks you through the step by step on how he did the instrumentation + the test case itself then end with some interesting results and observations.

Also, see a quick video of the first boot of Enkitec's Big Data Appliance.  

Blog Post: Differences Between Oracle APEX 4.1.1 and 4.2

Here is a summary of the big changes in Oracle APEX 4.2 (compared to 4.1.1) from a datamodel/view/API point of view written by Oracle ACE Peter Raganitsch.  

Blog Post: Oracle Enterprise R

Two posts written by ACE Director Husnu Sensoy on how to Create your Own R Server on Linux the recipe for configuring Oracle R Enterprise on Oracle Linux.  

Blog Post: How to Create LOTS of Child Cursors

It's difficult to create hundreds of child cursors but ACE Director Craig Shallahamer gives a clear explanation on how to create child cursors using different methods and also how to easily create lots of child cursors.

New Book : Developing Essbase Applications written by ACE Director Cameron Lackpour and Tim Tow and Oracle ACE's Gary Crisci and John Booth is now available.

New Book : Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Developers Guide written by ACE Director Mark Rittman is now available.

New Book : Oracle APEX 4.0 Development Best Practices co-authored by ACE Director Alex Nuijten, Oracle ACE Learco Brizzi, and Iloon Ellen Ellenwolff is now available.

New Book : Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices co-authored by Oracle ACE Kellyn Pot'vin and others is now available.

New Book : How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done co-written by ACE Director Hajo Normann available now. Digital Edition here.

New Book : Oracle Performance Survival Guide written by Oracle ACE Guy Harrison available now in Chinese.

New Book : Third book of Effective MySQLSeries: Replication Techniques in Depth written by ACE Director Ronald Bradford now available.

New eBook: Oracle Exalytics Revealed written by ACE Director Mark Rittman. Available now on multiple devices.

New eBook: A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews written by ACE Director Kent Graziano. Available now on Kindle.Free to borrow.

New Book : Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook 3/E written by ACE Director Ben Prusinski, Oracle ACEs Gustavo Gonzalez and Mohan Dutt is coming soon. Available Dec 2012. Pre-Order Now.

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Oracle ACE Out and About

  • Speaking at APAC OTN Tour (Oct - Nov 2012)
    Francisco Munoz Alvarez (+ organizer) - ACE Direcotr, DB
    Tanel Poder - ACE Director, DB
    Kamran Agayev - ACE Director, OFM
    Martin D'Souza - ACE Direcotr, DB
    Michelle Malcher - ACE Director, Security
    Cary Millsap - ACE Director, DB
    Jian (Sky) Zhao Yang - ACE Director, MySQL
    Dahui Feng - ACE Director, DB
    Feng Chunpei - ACE Direcotr, DB
    Guoqiang (Eygle) Gai - ACE Director, DB
    Leyi (Kamus) Zhang - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Oracle & ilOUG DBA Forum (Nov 12)
    Ami Aharonovish (organizer) - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Sangam (Nov 2012)
    Murali Vallath (organizer) - ACE Director, DB
    Rich Niemiec - ACE Director, DB
    Joze Senegacnik - ACE Director, DB
    Satyendra Kumar - Oracle ACE, DB
    Aman Sharma - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at APEX Tour Latin America (Nov 2012)
    Dan McGhan - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Devoxx (Nov 2012)
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director, OFM, Java
    Adam Bien - ACE Director, OFM, Java
    Lucas Jellema - ACE Director, OFM
  • Speaking at DOAG Conference (Nov 2012)

    Over 15 ACE and ACE Director speakers
  • Speaking at Oracle Week (Nov 2012)
    Oded Raz - ACE Director, Security
    Shlomi Noach - ACE Director, MySQL
    Liron Amitzi - Oracle ACE, DB
    Ami Aharonovish - Oracle ACE, DB
    Erez Alsheich - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Heartland OUG (Nov 2012)
    Dan Hotka - ACE Director, DB
    Eric Helmer - ACE Director, BI
    Susan Behn - Oracle ACE, Apps
    Mike Messina - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Cloud Expo West (Nov 2012)
    Ronald Brandford - ACE Director, MySQL
  • Speaking at American DBAonline Seminar (Nov 2012)
    Michael Corey - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at TROUG (Nov 2012)
    Husnu Sensoy - ACE Director, DB
    Zekeriya Besiroglu - Oracle ACE, DB
    Ferhat Sengonul - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at BCN MySQL developers Meeting (Nov 2012)
    Guiseppe Maxia - ACE Director, MySQL
  • Speaking at NoCOUG (Nov 2012)
    Gwen Shapiro (organizer) - ACE Director, DB
    Tim Gorman - ACE Director, DB
    Ben Prusinski - ACE Director, DB
    Kellyn Pot'Vin - Oracle ACE, DB
    Kyle Hailey - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at OAUG Connection Point Orlando (Nov 2012)
    Edward Roske - ACE Director, BI
    Tracy McMullen - ACE Director, BI
    Glenn Schwartzberg - ACE Director, BI
    Eric Helmer - ACE Director, BI
  • Speakiing at RMOUG Quarterly Education (Nov 2012)
    Brad Brown - ACE Director, OFM
    Kellyn Pot'vin - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at IOUG Virtualization SIG (Nov 2012)
    Tariq Farooq - ACE Director, DB
    Charles Kim
    - ACE Director, DB
    Kai Yu
    - ACE Director, DB
    George Trujillo
    - Oracle ACE, MySQL
    Bert Scalzo
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Michael Corey
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Mike Ault
    - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at TCOUG (Nov 2012)
    Dan Hotka - ACE Director, DB
    Edward Whalen - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Fujitsu Forum (Nov 2012)
    Debra Lilley - ACE Director, Apps
  • Speaking at OAUG Connection Point San Diego (Nov 2012)
    Susan Behn - Oracle ACE, Apps
    Mike Swing - Oracle ACE, Apps
    John Stouffer - Oracle ACE, Apps
  • Speaking at APEXposed (Nov 2012)
    Martin D'Souza - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at ODTUG BI & EPM Seiously Practical Conference (Nov 2012)
    Edward Roske - ACE Director, BI
    Cameron Lackpour - ACE Director, BI
  • Speaking at BGOUG (Nov 2012)
    Craig Shallahamer (Keynote) - ACE Director, DB
    Marco Gralike - ACE Director, OFM
    Julian Dontcheff - ACE Director, DB
    Joze Senegacnik - ACE Director, DB
    Giuseppe Maxia - ACE Director, MySQL
    Doug Burns - ACE Director, DB
  • Organizing OGh and OBUG: Oracle Open World Debrief (Nov 2012)
    Learco Brizzi - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Percona Live (Dec 2012)
    Shlomi Noach - ACE Director, MySQL
    Guiseppe Maxia - ACE Director, MySQL
  • Speaking at Trivadis CBO Days (Dec 2012)
    Joze Senegacnik - ACE Director, DB
    Jonathan Lewis - ACE Director, DB
    Randolf Geist - ACE Director, DB
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