Learn more about the compelling array of analytical features and functions that are accessible through SQL using Oracle Database 18c .

Technical Information

Data Sheets
Analytical SQL Data Sheet
Patterns Everywhere - Find then fast! (Apple iBook for OSX, iPad and iPad Mini)
Oracle Magazine - Technology: SQL 101 by Melanie Caffrey is a senior development manager at Oracle.
Jan 2013 Having Sums, Averages, and Other Grouped Data
March 2013 A Window into the World of Analytic Functions
May 2013 Leading Ranks and Lagging Percentages: Analytic Functions, Continued
July 2013 Pivotal Access to Your Data: Analytic Functions, Concluded

Oracle Magazine - Ask Tom
March 2015 SQL, SQL and More SQL Tom Kyte covers using analytical SQL functions and SQL Model clause
Using pattern matching and spatial analytics to track fraud (OOW 2013 - Keynote demo)
Sessionization with SQL Pattern Matching

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Oracle University
Oracle Database 12c: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing
SQL Masterclass with Rob van Wijk
Oracle Database 12c: SQL and PL/SQL New Features

Oracle Learning Library
Pattern Matching
Sessionization with SQL Pattern Matching
Introduction to SQL Analytics
Database X-Series - SQL Pattern Matching

OTN Virtual Developer Day
SQL Pattern Matching Workshop (Webcast, slides and hands-on lab)
Download Database 12c VM for workshop

Github library of scripts
Series of scripts for Analytical SQL
Pattern Matching use cases and examples
Scripts and examples for SQL Model

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Presentations and Labs from Oracle OpenWorld

Using Analytical SQL to Intelligently Explore Big Data
Everything That Is Really Useful in Oracle Database 12c for Application Developers
Oracle Database 12c Row Pattern Matching: Beating the Best Pre-12c Solutions
Getting Started with SQL Pattern Matching in Oracle Database 12c
SQL Pattern Matching Big Data Sessionization Hands-on Lab

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