Monitoring NoSQL

The Administration Command Line Interface

The Administration command line interface (CLI) is the primary tool used to manage your store. It is used to configure, deploy, and change store components. It can also be used to verify the system, check service status, check for critical events and browse the store-wide log file. The command line interface is accessed using the following command :

 "java -jar <kvhome>/lib/kvstore.jar <command>"

 For a complete listing of all the commands available to you in the CLI,see CLI Commands and Subcommands in the Oracle NoSQL Administration Guide here


Oracle NoSQL Database allows Java Management Extensions (JMX) agents to be optionally available for monitoring, in addition to the native monitoring provided by the Admin CLI and the Admin Console. These agents provide interfaces on each storage node that allow management clients to poll them for information about the status, performance metrics, and operational parameters of the storage node and its managed services, including replication nodes and admin instances.The JMX interface can be enabled in either the Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition. To use SNMP, however, you must have the Enterprise Edition.
The JMX service exposes MBeans for the three types of components. These MBeans are the java interfaces StorageNodeMBean, RepNodeMBean, and AdminMBean in the package oracle.kv.impl.mgmt.jmx. For more information about the status reported for each component, see the javadoc for these interfaces.

Additonally, there's also Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) that provides a graphical management interface tool to discover and monitor a deployed store. Refer to the guide for details about integration


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