Oracle NoSQL Database 18.3

Oracle NoSQL Database 18.3 is now available for download (Click Here). Highlights include:
  • Querying GeoJSON Data: Introducing support for spatial query over RFC7946 GeoJSON standard data.  A number of new spatial functions as well as indexing for GeoJSON data have been introduced.
  • IDENTITY column: Tables can now specify the IDENTITY type, unburdening the application developer from having to generate unique primary keys.
  • Namespaces: A convenience container for easing the administration of authorization, import/export, and application development for SAS applications that must manage their own tenants.
  • Admin Web Service: The Oracle NoSQL Admin service can now be accessed as a web service over the standard HTTP/S ports (80/443).  This new access paradigm exposes RESTful interfaces that return JSON data, easing the task of operational automation.

Oracle NoSQL Database 18.1

Oracle NoSQL Database 18.1 is now available for download (Click Here). Highlights include:
  • Aggregation - Aggregate functions have been added that iterate over the rows, evaluates an expression for each row, and aggregates the returned values into a single value.
  • Parent-Child Join – Special kind of JOIN among tables that belong to the same hierarchy.
  • Zone Affinity – Ability to place master nodes of a KVStore in primary zones that are in close network proximity to the user applications. This helps users to get predictable latency for write operations to the KVStore.
  • Full Text Search – Enhanced our HTTP client to connect to secure Elasticsearch plugins.


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