CODASYL DBMS is a multiuser, CODASYL-compliant database management system for OpenVMS operating systems. CODASYL DBMS is designed for databases of all levels of complexity, ranging from simple hierarchies to sophisticated networks with multilevel relationships. CODASYL DBMS proivides a reliable operating platform for application environments where stability, high availability, and throughput are essential.

CODASYL DBMS provides options supporting very large memory addressing and hot standby for performance and availability. Release 7 also offers added improvements for reliability to manufacturing and shop floor control environments using this database.

Very Large Memory Addressing Support: A shared record cache allows the DBMS to use as much physical memory as a computer system can support, so that frequently accessed records can be stored in memory and reduce disk I/O. The advantages include reduced overhead and improved response time.

Hot Standby: The Hot Standby prevents the DBMS database from becoming a single point of failure by physically duplicating the database at a geographically remote site. In the event of failure, the "hot standby" database becomes the master database and takes over application processing. This does not require specific hardware to operate, and no changes to the application code are needed.

Technical Information
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