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Oracle Rdb® Extension for Enterprise Manager 10g



December 2008


This kit includes the release of the Oracle Rdb Extension for the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager. It contains several bug fixes and enhancements from the prior release ( This is the first release of the extension available for HP OpenVMS on Itanium. Version 7.2.* is completely different from any previous versions that were released for the Oracle 9i Enterprise Manager or earlier.

Software Versions Supported

  • Oracle Rdb V7.1 or later
  • Oracle 10g EM Grid Control Agent Release (OpenVMS 7.2.3 or later - Alpha only)
  • Oracle 10g EM Grid Control Agent Release (OpenVMS 8.2.3 or later - Alpha or Itanium)
  • Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager, Release 10.2 or any release that claims compatibility with above Agent releases


This product is installed by a DCL command procedure located in the backup saveset stored in the kit zip file. Once you have obtained the Rdb EM Agent Extension installation kit zip file, copy it to a temporary directory, unzip it, and extract its contents using the OpenVMS Backup utility (see Additional Information below for more ZIP information):

    $ create/directory <
    $ copy rdbemagent721_<
p>.zip  <
    $ set default <
    $ unzip rdbemagent721_<
    $ backup rdbemagent721_<
platform>.721...]*.*  [...]

  • where < disk> is the name of a disk on your system.
  • where < p> is s either A or I for Alpha or Integrity.
  • where < platform> is either ALPHA or IA64.

After extracting the contents from the backup saveset, additional information about the installation process may be found in the Oracle Rdb Extension for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Installation Guide. This document is in HTML format and is located at


Release Notes

New Features in Release 7.2.1

  1. Itanium port: The Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Agent (10.2) now runs on HP OpenVMS Itanium systems. The Oracle Rdb Extension has been ported to work with that Agent. Please refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Agent documentation for further details about the Grid Control Agent.

  2. Metric modifications: After the initial installation, you now have the opportunity to re-select which metrics you want collected as well as the ability to adjust the frequency of the collection intervals. With this release of the Oracle Rdb Agent Extension you can run RDBOEM$SCRIPTS:SELECT_METRICS.COM on the Agent host machine whenever metric collection changes are desired for Oracle Rdb Database targets. This, along with stopping and restarting the Agent, will re-establish a new line of communication between the Enterprise Management Server and the Agent and the new selections will be used. Please allow ample time for the communications to reset. These new metric selections will not take the place of any specific metric settings that may have been set for a particular target via the Grid Console.

  3. Enhanced error recovery and reporting: ORA_ROOT:[SYSMAN.LOG]RDB_SUMMARY_LOG.LOG now contains detailed information about any configuration errors or Oracle Rdb errors that occurred during the metric retrieval processing. This is useful when a target is listed as "DOWN" with little or no additional information in the Grid Control console.

Problems Corrected in Release 7.2.1

  1. The build has been corrected to link against the correct version of an RMU shareable image.

  2. The default interval collection frequency for an Oracle Rdb database target is now 5 minutes instead of 1 minute.

  3. Previously, if the agent encountered an error when retrieving a metric, the console would display incorrect or stale information. Now if a metric request for a target generates an error, the console will indicate that with a diagnostic, if possible, or an RDBSGA_ERROR tag as the Response (result) of the metric. The actual statistic will be returned as -1 for an Oracle Rdb Database target.

  4. All statistics now have default values (e.g. 0) for cases where the target is not in use. Previously stale values may have been viewed.

  5. During installation or when running the select metrics tool, the "L" (List) option now works correctly.

  6. The RdbOEM Installation Guide has been modified to clarify that only the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent is required on the OpenVMS system.(BUG 5872950)

  7. Documentation: Chapter 3 of the User Guide has been corrected to reflect the actual default frequency collection intervals.

  8. For the Rdb Monitor, Oracle SQL/Services Server, Dispatcher or Service target, any errors encountered during creation of the target are now detected

  9. Several metrics were fixed to no longer generate an error if two users are accessing the same Oracle Rdb Database concurrently.

Known Problems in Release 7.2.1

  1. After the Oracle Rdb EM Extension has been installed and you are starting the agent for the first time, it may take a lengthy time for the agent to startup. This may also occur when restarting the agent after metric collection definitions have been modified (via rdboem$, This is a temporary problem with the Agent and is under investigation and hoped to be resolved soon.

  2. When an Oracle Rdb target type is added and you press "OK" on the property page, the Grid Control console may take a lengthy amount of time to finish. Please be patient. This is predominantly observed with the Agent and is hoped to be resolved in the future.

  3. When adding an Oracle Rdb Database target on the Grid Control page, there are four properties listed that are not yet functional (SQL Services Transport, SQL Services Name, Listener Port, JDBC Driver). These fields need not be filled in. They have no impact.

  4. On the Grid Control page where you pull down the list of target types to choose one from the box labelled "Add Monitored Target", the names of the Oracle Rdb types will sometimes display the internal name (e.g. oracle_rdb_database) rather than the displayable name (Oracle Rdb Database). This is totally cosmetic and is not a concern.

Additional Information

In addition to the installation guide mentioned above, other information may be found in the Oracle Rdb Extension to Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g User Guide. This document is also in HTML format and is located at


The online version of the User Guide may reflect updates from the version included with this kit. It may be found at

The UNZIP utility is available on the OpenVMS Freeware CD or on the world-wide-web at the OpenVMS site In order to correctly preserve the OpenVMS file attributes, you should UNZIP this file on the OpenVMS system.

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