Using Application Container Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service

Scripting Languages and Oracle Cloud

Oracle Application Container Cloud Service allows applications in PHP and Node.js to be deployed in containers. These applications can connect to Oracle Database Cloud Service.

To connect an application to an already created DBCS instance: do the initial deployment of your PHP or Node.js application to ACCS and then use the ACCS service console to add a Service Binding. Choose 'Database Cloud Service' and set the service binding username and password to credentials of an existing DB schema in the DB service.

This will automatically populate ACCS environment variables including:


These can be referenced in the application. For example, with the node-oracledb add-on for Node.js, which is included in ACCS:

        user          : process.env.DBAAS_USER_NAME,
        password      : process.env.DBAAS_USER_PASSWORD,
        connectString : process.env.DBAAS_DEFAULT_CONNECT_DESCRIPTOR
      },  . . .

The Node.js application will connect to DBCS.

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