Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database

Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache (TimesTen Cache) is an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition option ideal for caching a performance-critical subset of an Oracle database in the application tier for improved response time. Applications perform read/write operations on the cache tables using SQL and PL/SQL with automatic persistence, transactional consistency, and data synchronization with the Oracle database (Product Data Sheet). TimesTen Cache is based on the same technology as TimesTen In-Memory Database (TimesTen Classic in version 18.1) with the addition of the caching functionality.

TimesTen Cache option is available in TimesTen version 11.2.2.x and will be reintroduced to TimesTen 18.1 in an upcoming patchset at the same time as TimesTen Classic.

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TimesTen is integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle SQL Developer:
  Enterprise Manager
for TimesTen
    TimesTen Support in
Oracle SQL Developer

Technology Overview

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Customer Use Cases

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