Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) Java - LINUX Production

 Download the Complete File
   Install  GNU gzip.
   Download the Oracle XDK for Java in .tar format
   Extract the distribution package into a directory. (Ex: #gzip -dc xdk.tar | tar xvf -)
   The result should be the following files and directories:
  /bin - xdk executables and utilities
  /nls/data - nls data files
  /lib - directory for libraries
  /xdk - top xdk directory
  /xdk/demo - directory for demo files
  /xdk/doc - directory for documentation
  /xdk/admin - direcory for dband config files
  /xdk/mesg - error message files
  /xdk/*html. - doc navigation files
  /xdk/license.html - copy of license agreement