Connection Manager Overview

Oracle Connection Manager is a multipurpose networking solution that offers increased scalability, multi-protocol connectivity and secure network access control. Starting with Oracle Database 18c, it's been extended to operate in Traffic Director Mode, in addition to the Default Mode.

Connection Manager in Default Mode

Oracle Connection Manager enables large numbers of users to connect to a single server by acting as a connection concentrator to "funnel" multiple client database sessions across a single network connection. This is done through multiplexed network connections, a networking feature included with Oracle Net. Oracle Connection Manager reduces operating system resource requirements by minimizing the number of network connections made to a server. Network bottlenecks are thus avoided and system scalability significantly increases so that thousands of users can now access a single database. It furnishes the following features:

  • Connection multiplexing
  • Source routing
  • Firewall Proxy Support
  • Access control
  • Multiprotocol Support

Connection Manager in Traffic Director Mode

When the new Traffic Director mode is enabled, in addition to providing the above functionality, Oracle Connection Manager acts as a database proxy which furnishes existing applications (Java, C/C++, C#, Node.js, .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby) the Quality of Services of new Oracle database release. In this release, the Connection Manager in Traffic Director Mode features include:

  • Transparent to existing applications
  • Zero Application Downtime
    • Hide database outages planned/unplanned outages from applications
    • Hides PDB relocations from applications 
  • Enhance security and tenant isolation
  • Enhance applications scalability and performance
    • Connection Pooling across application servers
    • Transparent Statement Caching, Prefetching and other performance features


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