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Oracle Database Utilities—comprising Oracle Data Pump and Oracle SQL*Loader—are a set of tools for fast and easy data transfer, maintenance, and database administration of Oracle databases.

Oracle Data Pump

Perform fast bulk data and metadata movement between Oracle databases using the Oracle Data Pump feature of Oracle Database Utilities. Oracle Data Pump provides high-speed, parallel Export and Import utilities, expdp and impdp, respectively and a web-based Oracle Enterprise Manager interface.

The What's New in Oracle Data Pump presentation delivered at Oracle OpenWorld discusses the new features of Oracle Data Pump, including

  • Better Oracle Cloud support: the GROUP_PARTITION_TABLE_DATA parameter of DATA_OPTIONS enables faster data import into Oracle Cloud from a partitioned table
  • Parallel Export/Import of Metadata 
  • More Wildcards and Substitution Variables
  • Additional DATA_OPTIONS and TRANSFORM parameters for partitioned data and for validating the data stream

Make migrating and consolidating faster and easier by using the Oracle Data Pump: Full Transportable Export/Import feature. It combines the ease of use of Data Pump with the speed of transportable tablespaces.

About Oracle Data Pump:

  • Data Pump Export and Import utilities are typically much faster than the original Export and Import Utilities. For instance, a single thread of Data Pump Export is about twice as fast as original Export, while Data Pump Import is 15-45 times fast than original Import.
  • Data Pump jobs can be restarted without loss of data, whether the interruption was voluntary or not.
  • Data Pump jobs support fine-grained object selection. Virtually any type of object can be included or excluded in a Data Pump job.
  • Data Pump supports the ability to load one instance directly from another (network import) and unload a remote instance (network export).


Perform hgh-speed data filtering and loading from external files into Oracle database tables using the SQL*Loader feature of Oracle Database Utilities. Users can choose either Conventional Path, Direct Path, or External Table loading of files in a variety of formats into one or multiple Oracle tables.

Express Mode Loading with SQL*Loader in Oracle Database discusses how Express Mode can simplify loading by looking for the fastest possible mechanism and profiles its optional parameters for customizing the loading process.

External Tables

Enhance the flexibility and processing power of external tables with more loadable data formats through support for user-defined preprocessing of input data.

User-defined pre-processor programs can be system commands, user-generated binaries, such as a C program, and user-supplied shell scripts, and be customized to meet the user’s specific needs. The variety of loadable formats is only limited by the ability to manipulate the original data set.

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