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Summary of New Java & JavaScript Features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Cloud and on-Premise

  • Java 8: Java 8 in JDBC/UCP and OJVM; JDBC 4.2
  • JavaScript with Nashorn: JDBC/UCP, OJVM
  • Performance: JIT (OJVM), Network Compression over WAN (JDBC), Configurable connection health check frequency (UCP), PL/SQL Callback interface (JDBC)
  • Scalability: Shared Pool for Multi-Tenant Database (UCP), Shared Pool for Sharded database (UCP), Sharding Key APIs (JDBC, UCP), DRCP Proxy session sharing, DRCP support for  multiple labels
  • High-Availability: Java APIs for FAN events (SimpleFan.jar), Planned Maintenance in the driver (JDBC), Application Continuity for XA Datasources, Transaction Guard for XA Datasource
  • Security: SSL v1.2 / TLS v 1.2 (JDBC)
  • Manageability: XMLconfiguration (UCP), Enable/disable/suspend/resume feature level logging (JDBC), MAX_THINK_TIME for Transactions in progress (DRCP), new statistics view and AWR reports  
  • Ease of Use : Web Services Callout (OJCM), Long Identifiers (OJVM), PL/SQL Boolean (JDBC), Debugger for OJVM (Java Debug Wire Protocol)
See our latest white paper for more details.

Focus Areas

 Java & JavaScript  in the Database (OJVM, Nashorn)
 Web Services Callout (SOAP & REST)

White Papers

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