Oracle Storage Program Change Notice

Over the past few years Oracle has worked with all the leading system and storage vendors to validate their specialized storage products, under the Oracle Storage Compatibility Program (OSCP), to ensure these products were compatible for use with the Oracle database. Under the OSCP, Oracle and its partners worked together to validate specialized storage technology including NFS file servers, remote mirroring, and snapshot products.

At this time Oracle believes that these three specialized storage technologies are well understood by the customers, are very mature, and the Oracle technology requirements are well know. As of January, 2007, Oracle will no longer validate these products. We thank our partners for their contributions to the OSCP.

On a related note, many Oracle customers have embraced the concept of the resilient low-cost storage grid defined by Oracle's Resilient Low-Cost Storage Initiative (leveraging the Oracle Database 10g Automatic Storage Management (ASM) feature to make low-cost, modular storage arrays resilient), and many storage vendors continue to introduce new, low-cost, modular arrays for an Oracle storage grid environment.  As of January, 2007, the Resilient Low-Cost Storage Initiative is discontinued.  Again we thank our partners for their participation in Resilient Low-Cost Storage Initiative.