Architecture Overview

Oracle Database 18c is the next generation self-managing database that helps businesses lower their IT operational costs while providing maximum performance and availability. This self-managing database automatically monitors, diagnoses and tunes itself. The Oracle Database 18c manageability features allow DBAs to become more productive, and helps their organizations reduce management costs and scale to manage the Enterprise Computing Grid running on on-premise, Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud Machine.

Upgrading to Oracle Database 18c is faster and easier than ever before. The database upgrade process has been streamlined over the past several releases and the development effort required to upgrade, test, and verify an application has been greatly reduced. For more information on the right planning, preparation, and upgrade steps, please go to the Oracle Database Upgrade page on OTN.

Some of the features referenced below are part of separately licensed Diagnostic Pack, Tuning Pack and Real Application Testing Option. Please refer to the Oracle Database Licensing Documentation for more details.