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Openworld Presentations

Openworld 2016
 Eliminating Guesswork from SQL Tuning - CON6975
 Maximizing Database Performance A Practical Approach to Diagnostics and Tuning - CON6976
 Moving Databases to Oracle Cloud: Performance Best Practices - CON6980
 Title:Deep Dive into Engineered Systems management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c - CON6694

Openworld 2015
 Best Practices for Engineered Systems Management Using Oracle Enterprise Manager - CON9728
 Oracle Exadata Monitoring and Management Best Practices - CON9727
 Risk-Free Administration for Expert Database Administrators - CON9725
 Tips and Techniques for Maximizing Database Performance - CON9723
 Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Consolidation Workbench - CON9718

Openworld 2014
 DBA’s New Best Friend for Mistake-Free Administration: Oracle Real Application Testing - CON8247
 Trouble-Free Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c with Oracle Real Application Testing - CON8248 | Recorded Webcast Replay
 Automatic Workload Repository Warehouse: Helping DBAs Make Sure History Never Repeats Itself - CON8449
 Database Time-Based Performance Tuning: From Theory to Practice - CON8139
 SQL Tuning Without Trying - CON4102
 SQL (and PL/SQL) Tuning Experts Panel - CON8450
 Database Software Currency: Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Provisioning and Patching - CON3178

Openworld 2013
  Automatic Workload Repository: Soup to Nuts
  ASH Deep Dive: Advanced Performance Analysis Tips
  Step-by-Step Cookbook for Identifying and Tuning SQL Problems
  Maximizing Database Performance Using Database Replay
  DBA Best Practices for Protecting Data Privacy with Oracle Data Masking

Openworld 2012
  Deep Dive on Oracle Exadata Management: From Discovery to Deployment to Diagnostics
  Advanced Database Performance Analysis Using Metric Extensions and SPA
  Database Consolidation Demystified: Plan, Test and Consolidate
  Oracle Performance Tuning Boot Camp: 10 New Problem- Solving Tips Using ASH & AWR
  Bulletproof Your Application Upgrades with Secure Data Masking and Subsetting
   SQL Tuning Experts Panel

Openworld 2011
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: ASH in 3D
 Oracle Exadata Management Fundamentals: New features for Monitoring, Tuning and More
 Data Subsetting and Masking: Advanced Techniques for Test Data Management

Openworld 2010
 Smart Database Administration: Cool New Features for Power DBAs 
 Reduce Problem Resolution Time with Oracle Database 11g Diagnostic Framework
 SQL Tuning Roundtable with Oracle Gurus
 SQL Tuning for Smarties, Dummies, and Everyone in Between
 Maximizing Database Performance: Performance Tuning with DB Time

Older Presentations
 DBA's New Best Friend: Oracle Database 10 g and 11 g SQL Performance Analyzer 
 Reinventing Upgrades, Platform Changes, RAC and More with Database Replay 
 Using Automatic Workload Repository for Database Tuning: Tips for Expert DBAs 
 SQL Gone Wild: Taming bad SQL the easy way (or the hard way) 
 The Power of 11 g Automatic SQL Tuning 
 Advanced Performance Diagnostics: What the GUI Doesn't Show You 
 Performance Fundamentals for Oracle Database 10 g and 11 g
 Proactive Performance Monitoring with Baselines and Adaptive Thresholds
 Demystifying SQL Tuning: Tips and Techniques for SQL Experts