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Oracle Data Miner Classic is the graphical user interface for Oracle Data Mining (Releases 10.1 through 11.1) that helps data analysts mine their Oracle data to find valuable hidden information, patterns, and new insights. Data analysts can mine data with Oracle Data Miner Classic's easy-to-use wizards that guide them through the data preparation, data mining, model evaluation, and model scoring process. As the data analyst transforms the data, builds models, and interprets results, Oracle Data Miner Classic can automatically generate code needed to transform the data mining steps into an integrated data mining/BI application.   (To learn about Release 11.2 of Oracle Data Miner, click here.)

The Oracle Data Miner Classic's Code Generator generates PL/SQL code for mining activities. The generated PL/SQL code contains all the steps in an activity, including data preparation, data transformations, and model operations. You can generate PL/SQL code from one or more activities using either a new wizard in Oracle Data Miner Classic  or an Extension to either Oracle JDeveloper or Oracle SQL Developer.

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  11g 10gR2 10gR1
Oracle Data Miner Classic 11.2 & (48MB) April 2011 (46MB) February 2010 - works with ODM 10.2.0.x (37MB) May 2007 (36MB) Sep 2006 (37MB) April 2005
Requires ODM or higher
Oracle Data Miner Classic Tutorial 11.2 & 11.1 (6.8MB) January 2008 (use 11.1 Tutorial) (6MB) October 2007
Part 1 (13MB) Sept 2004
Part 2 (15MB) Sept 2004
Demo Dataset for Part 2.
PL/SQL Code Generator for JDeveloper 11.2 & 11.1 (5MB) August 2008
Patch (use 11.1 version) (5MB) Sep 2006 (5MB) Jan 2007 - Requires Oracle SQL Developer 1.0. (4MB) Apr 2005
Requires ODM and JDeveloper 10g (4MB) Nov 2004 - Requires ODM and JDeveloper
PL/SQL Code Generator SQL Developer 1.5.5 11.2 & 11.1 (5MB) August 2008 (use 11.1 version) (5MB) Sep 2006 (5MB) Jan 2007 - Requires SQL Developer 1.0

Oracle Data Miner 10.1

Oracle Data Miner 10.1 requires that the the version of odmapi.jar in the DataMiner\lib directory be the same version as the version of odmapi.jar installed with ODM. Oracle Data Miner ships with the odmapi.jar and can be used with ODM and If you have a later patch release of ODM then download the appropriate version from the list below and replace the version in the DataMiner\lib directory.

 odmapi.jar for ODM
 odmapi.jar for ODM
 odmapi.jar for ODM
 odmapi.jar for ODM
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