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Oracle OLAP 12c

Download Analytic Workspace Manager 12.2 | readme (for Oracle 12.2)
Download Analytic Workspace Manager | readme (for Oracle
Download Analytic Workspace Manager | readme (for Oracle

Oracle OLAP 11g

Download Analytic Workspace Manager | readme (for Oracle 11.2)
Download Analytic Workspace Manager | readme (for Oracle 11.1)
 Ox 1.23: Windows | Cross-platform | readme (use for both 10g and 11g )
AWM Plug-ins for Oracle OLAP 11g and 12c

Extend the capabilities of Analytic Workspace manager with these plug-ins.

Plug-in Description Documentation Download
Create Fact View with Measure Dimension Plugin Allows you to create a Fact View with a Measure Dimension. A measure dimension enables you to generate calculated measures for all of the measures in the cube simultaneously OLAP User's Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1) DownloadDownload
Export to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition:

Version: - Revision 1
Wizard generates Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition metadata over OLAP cubes and dimensions in seconds

(Included with Analytic Workspace Manager download.)
OBIEE 10g | 11g DownloadDownload
View XML Easily view the XML for an object (cube, dimension, measure and more) from the AWM navigator tree - DownloadDownload

Create your own plug-ins using the plug-in API:



Sample Schemas & Code

Oracle OLAP 11g
 Global Schema 11g | readme
 Example programs for documentation

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